Moduloo Ex: portable power stations

The Moduloo Ex range is made up of ergonomic portable power stations bringing power and autonomy to professional applications requiring an external energy source.

Presented as robust and waterproof solutions, the range is declined into 2 products versions:

  • PowerBox: the high efficiency technology with a 5 kWh to 11 kWh embedded energy. It is fitted with carrying handles, a telescopic handle as well as all-terrain wheels to provide you a high energy density, 
  • PowerCase: the compact and lightweight technology with a 2 kWh embedded energy. It is easy to carry thanks to its built-in handles as well as its convenient format.

Products from the Moduloo Ex range are elaborated to represent an effective alternative to power generators. Indeed, they are more silent and ecological since they don’t require to use any fuel, in order to respond to specific uses.

Icône gris TYVA Energie Made in France
Made in France
Icône gris TYVA Energie compacte et modulaire
Compact & modular
Icône gris TYVA Energie reconditionnement batterie
Reconditioning & eco-responsible
Monitoring intelligent
Digital monitoring
Résistant à l'eau
UN 38.3 certification
Our whole Moduloo Ex range is now UN 38.3 certified to ensure you a safe, fast and economic transport.
CE certification
This certification ensure our lithium batteries' compliance regarding requirements established by the European community regulation.
IEC 62619 certification
This certification ensure the safe functioning of our lithium batteries for industrial applications.
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Potential application fields

Industrialisation production


Cinéma événementiel

Cinema & Event

Many possibilities of the Moduloo Ex range

PowerBox E5 & E11

The PowerBox is a portable power station easy to carry thanks to its 4 all-terrain wheels as well as its carrying handles and its adjustable telescopic handle. It is a robust solution presented as a waterproof aluminium casing fitted with TYVA Energie’s lithium batteries.

It is declined into 2 products with the same ergonomic format but different power levels: the 5 kWh version and the 11 kWh version, both adapted to answer specific uses requiring important embedded energy sources. The PowerBox’s energy capacity is modular thanks to TYVA Energie’s Gateway allowing to parallelize up to 10 batteries systems together.

Dimensions: 962 x 650 x 590 mm
Weight: 70 to 110 kg
Nominal capacity: 5.5 to 11 kWh
Output voltage: 220 VAC
Recommended charge time: 5 hours

PowerCase E2

The PowerCase is a portable energy storage solution which is characterized by its small and easy to carry format, with a 2 kWh power and a weight lower than 20 kg.

As a convenient and ergonomic genuine amount of power, this technology fitted with TYVA Energie’s lithium batteries is ideal to supply any application. Have access to all the energy you require wherever and whenever you need it.

Dimensions: 455 x 268 x 282 mm
Weight: 19.8 kg
Nominal capacity: 2 kWh
Nominal voltage: 50.4 V
Maximum continuous discharge power: 3 kW