Paralleling of PowerBox portable power stations

Portable power stations from TYVA Energie’s Moduloo Ex range are autonomous, silent and sustainable solutions adapted for professionals of various application fields. There is the PowerCase, a compact and handy small energy system, and also the PowerBox which is a robust and powerful external energy source. This power station has many features such as the possibility to be paralleled. 

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Purpose of the parallelization

Parallelization can be really useful according to the use we expect from the PowerBox. Indeed, to connect several energy stations in parallel is a significant feature, whether you wish to gain autonomy to allow a longer use of your application or if you want to gain power in order to supply an energy-consumptive equipment.


These two options can be implemented by connected 2 to 12 PowerBox to one another using various cables. The relevant accessories are provided by TYVA Energie only upon request. They are essential to set up the parallelization. Moreover, this operation can only be achieved by using several same PowerBox models. Portable power stations with various amounts of energy cannot be connected in parallel, as well as energy systems from other manufacturers than TYVA Energie.


There are different electronic systems allowing energy systems paralleling. Real diodes and ideal diodes are common solutions notably thanks to their ease of use and their affordable cost. TYVA Energie has developed the Gateway CAN, its own unique parallelization technology that we used in specific cases of custom lithium batteries projects.

Regarding the paralleling of our PowerBox portable power station, we have chosen to use another technology which implies to incorporate two inverters inside each energy system. These inverters are communicating with each other through Ethernet cables linking them and paralleling the whole energy system.

Procedure to be followed

There are various steps to follow in order to implement the paralleling. These steps can slightly vary according to the connection achieved whether it allows an autonomy or power gain. Here is the procedure to be followed:

  1. Make sure all PowerBox stations are switched off before starting the paralleling.
  2. Connect the communication beams of an electric station to the other as shown in the diagram.
  3. Connect the power beams of an electric station to the other as shown in the diagram according to the type of paralleling you wish to achieve.
  4. You can switch on each PowerBox.

For more information, please refer to the PowerBox’s user manual.

Autonomy gain parallelization

Power gain parallelization

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