Moduloo 3D: compact and modular battery

In 2013, TYVA Energie develops the Moduloo 3D lithium battery. Designed into a light and convenient casing, it gives the possibility to assemble several batteries together in all 3 dimensions by connecting core packs to each other in series or parallel, which provides modularity to its size and power. This compact and ready-to-use battery was rewarded multiple times and was sold more than 75 000 times across 20 countries in the world.

As a compact and ergonomic battery, Moduloo 3D can easily be integrated into any new system or existing product. It benefits from a multi-chemistry internal modular platform for 18650 cells (LFP, NMC) wich can be replaced thanks to TYVA Refill technology. Indeed, the battery can be reconditioned, allowing the recycling of end-of-life cells and to re-inject gathered materials for other purposes through a circular economy scheme. Thus we reduce our carbon footprint thanks to our sustainable and eco-friendly battery.

Icône gris TYVA Energie Made in France
Made in France
Icône gris TYVA Energie compacte et modulaire
Compact & modular
Icône gris TYVA Energie reconditionnement batterie
Icône gris TYVA Energie légèreté
Icône gris TYVA Energie gamme energy et power
Power & Energy
Icône gris TYVA Energie gestion température
Temperature management
UN 38.3 certification
Our whole Moduloo 3D range is now UN 38.3 certified to ensure you a safe, fast and economic transport.

Potential applications fields

Many possibilities of the Moduloo 3D range

Moduloo 3D

It is a modular battery that has an innovative wireless system in the case of a mechanical or electrical assembly between core packs.

It is also fitted with an integrated thermal dissipation system which works according to natural convection, with the possibility to add a cooling system in order to improve heat transfer for high charge and discharge regimen uses.

None of these features involve tooling, development nor industrialization additional costs as well as tests, qualifications and certifications costs which are also included in the final cost.

Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 106 mm
“Energy” or “Power” version
Ultralight battery
Compatible with TYVA Refill reconditioning
Series or parallel assembly connection

Custom Moduloo 3D

Since your projects are unique, our Moduloo 3D range also gives you the opportunity to build your own custom battery solution to perfectly suit with your final application.

Thus you have the possibility to modulate your battery’s size and shape in order to optimize the space used inside your product while being provided the ideal amount of power for its utilization.

Assembly in all 3 dimensions
Change of voltage and functioning capacity
Addition of a custom cooling system

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