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BMS: What is it?

When it comes to lithium batteries, there is an acronym which appears almost systematically: BMS. These three letters mean “Battery Management System” and refer on their own to the most important lithium batterie’s component. The BMS is an eletronic card and a smart security tool which communicates with the battery to protect her against any internal or external risks related or not to its environment.

As the head of the whole system, it is a management tool but also a measure and control instrument. For most of lithium batteries, or at least the latest ones, the presence of a BMS is essential to ensure a permanent and unfailing protection against potential risks that might arise from improper use or product deterioration. In this way, without even realizing it, BMS can be found in many everyday objects such as smartphones, computers, tablets, small home appliances and other wireless devices.

More specifically, what is its purpose?

The BMS operates against the following risks regarding lithium batteries’ safety:

  • Overcurrent: it interrupts the battery’s activity against short circuits or too high currents surpassing its capacities,
  • Overvoltage: it interrupts cells’ loading before it overcharging them beside their capacities,
  • Undervoltage: it interrupts cells’ discharge before it spoils their lifetime,
  • But also overtemperature, undertemperature, overpressure, etc.

To prevent those risks and provide the battery a longer lifetime, the BMS achieve several commands including:

  • Estimation of the batterie’s aging process and overall condition thanks to the State of Health (SOH),
  • Optimization of the batterie’s loading thanks to the State of Charge (SOC) leading to a uniform voltage level between cells,
  • Check of the cell’s temperature.

Risks linked to the lack of security regarding lithium batteries are serious and can turn out to be very dangerous for the battery itself and its environment. Therefore the presence of a BMS is essential, however the BMS must be chosen carefully to perfectly suit the battery and its application field.

What about TYVA Energie?

To accompany our lithium batteries and provide it the best concerning their safety, we internally designed and developed our own smart BMS’ range. All of the management systems we integrate inside our products are thus envisioned and manufactured by our Engineers in our production site of Annonay.

To not outsource this component means encouraging the French know-how as well as a total control over our products’ technologies. Thanks to that, we are able to push forward our BMS, providing them ever more features and adujsting them to your applications.

Thus TYVA Energie’s BMS are modular allowing you to manage several batteries in series or parallel in order to confer you the amount of power required for your products. You also have the possibility to directly communicate with your battery through the BMS using a Bluetooth Low Energy connexion (BLE). For that purpose, we have configured the TYVA Smart Dashboard digital app which can be used on Android and iOS smartphone or tablet to monitor your battery in real time and extract essential information from it.

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