Compact and modular batteries

TYVA Energie’s lithium batteries are envisioned, designed and made for the purpose of being perfectly adjusted for any kind of integration or use. We do everything we can to offer you unique products to cater for your needs in terms of power, dimension, autonomy or lightness. In order to achieve this, we have developed several batteries ranges uniting compactness and modularity to ensure you a custom battery solution fitting your final application.

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Your applications are unique and complex. You need a battery that will easily adjust to its predifined environment but also respond to size and weight constraints imposed by your systems.

Since 2013, TYVA Energie has designed batteries that can be distinguished thanks to their compactness and easy integration into any kind of new or existing device. To this end, we have developed ultralight, thin and small batteries as well as products with adapted mechanical surfaces for an easy setting. You no longer need to look for the battery which will perfectly integrate your application and won’t clutter it up because of its size or weight since we put at your disposal our various ranges among which you will find the solution you require.

Batterie compacte et modulaire


Besides constraints concerning the integration of a battery inside its final application, the battery’s power also requires to match with the amount of energy you will need in the use of your electrical system

In order to offer you ever more possibilities in the making of a solution that perfectly covers your needs, TYVA Energie has developed a battery range which has the particularity to be totally modular. More specifically, what does it means? We can connect several models of the same battery together in series or parallel inside a custom electrical and mechanical system in order to provide you the exact amount of power requested. This technology allows us to answer any energy needs for any defined application and can be applied to our batteries as well as their management systems (BMS).

Our compact and modular batteries ranges

Gamme Moduloo 3D TYVA Energie

Moduloo 3D

TYVA Energie’s Moduloo 3D is the smallest battery of our range. It is 10 cm tall and weigh 600 grams only, thus it can fit inside any system thanks to its weight and lightness. Need more energy? Assemble several core packs together in series or parallel in all 3 dimensions to obtain your custom solution!

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Gamme Moduloo Ax TYVA Energie

Moduloo Ax

The Moduloo Ax range is made of 4 batteries inspired by paper formats: A5, A5+, A4 and A4+. Thus batteries differ in terms of size as well as power because of their format and if they are assembled together or not. It is the most powerful lightweight battery on the market thanks to its exceptional energy capacity of 245 Wh/Kg.

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Gamme Flat & Kube TYVA Energie

Flat & Kube

The Flat & Kube range is divided into 2 categories of modular batteries with innovative shapes and extrem energy capacities. Flat batteries are the finest on the market since they are only 10 cm thick. They also have several mountings in their casing allowing their easy integration. Kube are the most massive batteries of our range and thus are able to bring you a modular amount of power according to your needs.

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