Moduloo Ax: light and autonomous battery

Moduloo Ax is designed to be powerful as well as highly compact which makes it the lightest battery on the market in terms of energy with its power capacity of 245 Wh/Kg. It is ready for use and made up of 4 different customizable formats thanks to its various finishing touches and available options. It is also a modular battery designed to operate by itself but also in series or parallel, thus improving its exceptional energetic power and bringing autonomy and performance to the battery.

The Moduloo Ax range adjusts to your application fields thanks to its various finishing touches:

  • Core pack: the standard product and ligthest one on the market,
  • Case: with waterproof and robust core pack,
  • Custom: the endlessly personalized option,
  • Xtreme: the swappable version adapted to extreme environments.

The range is also UN 38.3 certified which ensures safe and foolproof transport in addition with being fast and economical. It also features TYVA Refill batteries reconditioning technology. Cells are replaced and recycled for an extended use of our sustainable and eco-responsible batteries.

Icône gris TYVA Energie Made in France
Made in France
Icône gris TYVA Energie compacte et modulaire
Compact & modular
Icône gris TYVA Energie reconditionnement batterie
Icône gris TYVA Energie légèreté
Icône gris TYVA Energie gamme energy et power
Power & Energy
Icône gris TYVA Energie gestion température
Temperature management
UN 38.3 certification
Our whole Moduloo 3D range is now UN 38.3 certified to ensure you a safe, fast and economic transport.
RoHS certification
This certification ensures our lithium batteries don't contain any harmful chemicals.
IEC 62619 certification*
This certification ensure the safe functioning of our lithium batteries for industrial applications. *Pending
CE certification*
This certification ensure our lithium batteries' compliance regarding requirements established by the European community regulation. *Pending
R10 Rev.6 certification*
This certification ensure our lithium batteries are compliant with vehicles (electromagnetic norm). *Pending
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Potential applications fields

Many possibilities of the Moduloo Ax range

Moduloo Ax core pack version

The standard core pack version of Moduloo Ax is most powerful lightweight battery with an energy capacity of 245 Wh/Kg.

Lithium cells of the compact battery constitute a core pack furnished with a rigid structure on which various mechanical fasteners are disposed.

These fixing points allow the whole core pack to be covered and to be setted into a product. The mechanical integration of several core packs can easily be done inside a plastic, composite or metal casing.

Finishing touches: printed circuit board (PCB) with power terminal blocks and signal connectors
Lifetime: 700 to 5000 cycles (according to temperature, DOD and operating power)
Maximum continuous discharge current: 250 A / core pack
Discharge temperature: – 20 °C to + 60 °C
Charge temperature: – 20 °C to + 45 °C

Moduloo Ax case version

The case version is build with a lithium battery core pack integrated inside a robust aluminium casing. The case has many aesthetic options.

The casing has an IP65 sealing to ensure the best use possible of Moduloo Ax compact battery in every application fields.

Thus is it protected against the tiniest solid bodies such as dust, as well as every liquids that can potentially alter its operating and utilization.

Sealing: IP65
Lifetime: 700 to 5000 cycles (according to temperature, DOD and operating power)
Maximum continuous discharge current: 250 A / core pack
Discharge temperature: – 20 °C to + 60 °C
Charge temperature: – 20 °C to + 45 °C

Moduloo Ax custom version

To go further with the creation of a battery solution which is 100% dedicated to you, our lithium battery custom pack evolves to offer new features. It is integrated into a customizable casing and aesthetic fitting to your wishes to obtain a unique product fulfilling all of your expectations.

Cells PCB connection labelled with your name 
Change of power and signal connectors
Shape and number of cells in series (S) or parallel (P)
Rackable core packs with carry handle
Custom cooling system

Moduloo Ax Xtreme

TYVA Energie has developed Moduloo Ax Xtreme, the strenghened version of the Moduloo Ax battery combining robustness and solidity. It is fitted for applications progressing in extreme and critical environments. It is characterized by its lightness and ergonomy and fitted inside a compact and resistant casing against shocks and vibrations. It is also waterproof with a IP67 protection against dusts and liquids seepages.

The Moduloo Ax Xtreme battery is available in 3 different versions with various format and power. It is a swappable battery with a carrying folding handle on the front. This technology allows the battery to be interchangeable, providing more flexibility in its use and charge.

IP67 sealing 
Robust aluminium casing and plastic reinforced front panel
Available voltages: 24 V, 48 V, 51 V
Energy: 900 Wh to 2000 Wh

Find the standard case version of our Moduloo Ax range directly on our online store

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