Discover how AKKA's e-kart reaches unsurpassed performances thanks to TYVA Energie's lithium batteries

Pierre LION’s interview – Director of AKKA Research

AKKA kart batterie

For the last 30 years, AKKA has been the global leader of engineering advice and R&D services and accompanies leading industrialists with their products’ lifecycle and their digital processing challenges. AKKA Research is an entity of AKKA group which develops technological bricks to implement in the industrial context. TYVA Energie has collaborated with Pierre Lion and its Engineers team on the E-Kart electric kart prototype.

Motor sport applications such as karting represent effective ways to search for technologies limits, gain expertise and then apply it for our manufacturers customers such as Renault, Mercedes, Airbus or Safran. It is our company’s biggest advantage, testing and understanding a technology part of a limited sector or format and then re-applying it for an industrial purpose.

Pierre LION
Director of AKKA Research

Akka kart électrique batterie

The challenge

There was a double challenge for TYVA Energie. AKKA was looking for a pre-build battery solution of 400 V to design an electric kart with a performance level equal to the best currently found in the thermal sector in a record time.

The idea was to move fast towards a demonstrator and to be able to prove that the performance’s starting point was the right one.

Karting is particularly suitable to this type of electrical prototyping. Indeed karts’ engines don’t run for a long time and use acceptable power levels for 400 V even if we draw up the technological limit.

What we appreciated about TYVA Energie is their responsiveness allowing us to assemble 3 batteries of 400 V within a few months. Thanks to these batteries we were able to learn a lot and our current kart reached high performance level. We also got new ideas and new criteria to consider what comes next.

Pierre LION
Director of AKKA Research

Solutions brought by TYVA Energie

TYVA Energie’s approach for a high voltage lithium battery such as AKKA’s was the following one:

  • Step 1: many exchanges between TYVA Energie’s Project Manager Engineer and AKKA’s Engineers during a month about the battery’s specifications to lead to contractual requirements,
  • Step 2: writing and signature of the battery’s specifications.

In order to respond to this challenging specification, whether in terms of performance, safety of power, TYVA Energie has selected its Moduloo Ax range made up of compact and modular lithium batteries perfectly corresponding to AKKA’s electric vehicle needs.

Batterie Moduloo Ax AKKA
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