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Gamme Moduloo Ax TYVA Energie

Moduloo Ax lithium batteries inside our customers' applications

Gillet Tools

The French company Gillet Tools has developed Move-It™ in order to answer the rail industry requirements. It is a portable electric tool used to move rolling loads like train cars on railroads. TYVA Energie has intervened to power this handling trolley with a A5 lithium battery from our Moduloo Ax range. Indeed, this compact battery brings the autonomy and power required while being swappable, allowing a great use flexibility.

ACRI Ingénierie

TYVA Energie powers nacelles and hoists used by ACRI Ingénierie on the achievement of the base tunnel between Lyon and Turin. Indeed, this colossal construction to create an international railway under the Alps implies important energy needs to power all kind of tools. Thus, the Ardèche-based company’s gears are fitted with A4+ batteries from our Moduloo Ax range which particularity is to benefit from an exceptional energy density

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