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Bâtiment TYVA Energie

TYVA Energie
P.A. Marenton 3
11 rue des Sources
07100 ANNONAY, France 

About us

Founded in 2013, TYVA Energie is a company located in Annonay (Ardèche) which constantly innovates in various sectors such as energy, electric mobility or emerging technologies. As a manufacturer of lithium batteries, our products are designed and conceived in France by our Research Unit in close collaboration with our Engineers team and our Projects Managers.

Thus, we build complex standard and custom energy systems to power all types of applications: autonomous robots and vehicles, terrestrial or submarine drones, electrical lifts, energy storage, etc.

Besides the batteries solutions we offer and we develop for our customers, TYVA Energie also benefits from its own specific technologies that accompany our products in order to propose the most complete and optimal service.

Among those technologies, there is notably the Gateway CAN allowing to connect several batteries in parallel and thus improve the whole system’s energy capacity. Moreover, we also have developped the TYVA Refill batteries reconditioning solution for more sustainable products and in order to support an eco-responsible approach in line with our values.

Parc d'activités Marenton 3, 11 Rue des Sources, 07100 Annonay