TYVA Smart Dashboard: TYVA Energie's batteries monitoring app

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Real-time supervision of your batteries

In order to provide you a remote supervision of your lithium batteries, TYVA Energie has developed TYVA Smart Dashboard app available on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. This management app give you access to all information concerning your batteries in real time and whenever you request it.

As a genuine on hand portable dashboard, TYVA Smart Dashboard was conceived to communicate with the built-in BMS (Battery Management System and head of the whole battery) to collect key data and make it accessible through a transparent transmission of information approach. As a reminder, BMS provided with our products are designed and manufactured by our hardware and software Engineers who belong to TYVA Energie’s Research Unit. Thanks mainly to their work, the app can easily connect to the battery with a simple Bluetooth 4.1 connection as well as a wired connection.

TYVA Smart Dashboard applications mobiles

Click on this link or scan the QR code above to download the Android app

Click on this link or scan the QR code above to download the iOS app

App functioning

Connect TYVA Smart Dashboard to my battery

After downloading the app, there are a few easy steps to follow to connect TYVA Smart Dashboard to a TYVA Energie’s battery:

  1. Launch the app,
  2. Approve all following autorizations: use of the device’s camera (allowing the battery’s QR code reading) and access to the device’s location (standard linked to the use of Bluetooth, the app cannot proceed to this location in any circumstances),
  3. Let the app detect the battery: this step implies that Bluetooth is activated on the device used and the battery runs,
  4. Affiliate TYVA Energie’s battery to the app,
  5. You can now use TYVA Smart Dashboard!

The app ergonomic interface is easy to use and divides into 4 tabs you can navigate on:

  • Dashboard,
  • Properties,
  • Graphs,
  • Alerts.


As the main app tab, it summarized all global information regarding the battery to give you an overview of it at a glance. It is pictured by an icon corresponding to its name and it is the default tab that appears once the app is initiated. Thus it gathers following information:

  • Precharge, charge and discharge channels’ status,
  • Average battery temperature,
  • Speed value (s),
  • Current value (A),
  • Power value (W),
  • Voltage value (V),
  • State of health (SOH), charge (SOC) and power (SOP) indicators,
  • An overview of graphs summarizing data.


You can access to this tab by clicking on the icon represented by a battery. It gathers various data about cells’ temperature and voltage, thus allowing a further understanding of the battery. Discover the following details:

  • PDU temperature,
  • Cells temperature,
  • Cells voltage,
  • Cells balancing.

There is a last tab – illustrated by a star wheel, which allow the modification of some app’s units but also the display of the battery’s configuration. It also permits to refresh the connexion with the battery in case of communication or connexion issue with a new battery by clicking on “Change Battery” button.


This tab is pictured by the icon corresponding to its name and allows simultaneous viewing of all 4 graphs related to the battery’s values including:

  • Current,
  • Voltage,
  • Power,
  • Temperature.


Pictured by a warning icon, this last tab displays alerts brought up by the battery for any error or warning detected. If an error occurs, an orange notification appears while it is blue in case of warning. Each alert comes with a short explanation. When alerts are detected, the tab’s icon slightly evolves to indicate there is an unread notification waiting.

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