Electric mobility

Power, robustness and compactness

TYVA Energie’s batteries can easily be integrated into any type of vehicle thanks to their compactness and modularity. Since it is ECE R10 certified, it responds to various requirements such as:

  • Weight, for systems that need lightness,
  • Resistance and stability, for applications dealing with impacts and vibrations,
  • Sealing, for vehicles in contact with water,
  • Autonomy, for a long term use.

Zoom on AKKA’s electric kart powered by TYVA Energie battery’s technology

Applications examples:

  • Car
  • Motorbike
  • Utility vehicle
  • Aircraft
  • Boat
  • Jet ski
  • Kart
  • Exoskeleton
Icône gris TYVA Energie mobilité électrique voiture


Icône gris TYVA Energie maritime


Icône gris TYVA Energie mobilité électrique camion

Utility vehicle

Icône gris TYVA Energie mobilité électrique bus


Discover our lithium batteries suitable for electric mobility

Moduloo 3D

Our Moduloo 3D range is modular, which means you can assemble several compact batteries together in all 3 dimensions and thus make your own personalized solution.

Moduloo Ax

Our second range Moduloo Ax is the lightest battery on the market allowing high efficiency, designed in a sheet-of-paper format.

Flat & Kube

Our Flat & Kube range is composed of our biggest batteries which have an exceptional energy density.

Advantages of our lithium batteries ranges

Our batteries’ ranges adjust to your needs. Our Moduloo 3D range offers you the flexibily to build a quick and economic 3-dimensions solution. Our Moduloo Ax range gives you the possibility to connect several batteries in series or parallel thanks to its ultra compact designs.

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Since TYVA Energie’s creation in 2013, our entire range of batteries includes the TYVA Refill cell replacement patented technology. Thereby, every single battery component can be reused to guarantee products with a constant energy level as well as infinite life batteries. We focus on cells conversion and recycling, mostly by using NMC chemistry, to promote the circular economy and thus reduce our carbon footprint to its maximum.

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Moduloo Ax and Flat & Kube lithium batteries’ core packs are the most compact and lightest on the market. It is possible thanks to their thin format and high energy density, only 245 Wh/kg for a battery which makes them the most powerful lightweight batteries.

Our standard modular systems allows you to piece together series or parallel assemblies in a short timeframe without any development costs nor certificate. Our TYVA Refill solution guarantees you to save money in the long run. Furthermore, TYVA Energie offers the lightest and most compact lithium batteries on the market with an outstanding energy density of 245 Wh/kg only. It allows you to gain autonomy while saving energy.

TYVA Energie has elaborated the TYVA Pyro Protection solution (TPP) created by our Engineers to prevent fire propagation in our batteries. Cells are isolated from one another if an overheating occurs thanks to the presence of this technology in our core packs. Thus fire propagation is avoided and we limit the risks of accidents related to lithium.

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Our technology allows us to realise 2 versions of lithium batteries’ core packs: the high density “Energy” version and the “Power” version with high permanent discharge rates (up to 10C). Our multi-chemistry internal modular platform based on standard 18650 cells permits to integrate various chemistries available on the market: LFP and NMC.

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Kate Original mini voiture électrique


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