5 custom battery ranges

Batteries tailored for all uses and domains!

Moduloo 3D

From prototype
to production

These modular batteries offer a flexible and cost-effective solution, promoting rapid prototyping, scalability, ease of maintenance, adaptability to new technologies, while extending to mass production.

Icône bleu TYVA Energie militaire drone
Icône bleu TYVA Energie mobilier urbain
Icône bleu TYVA Energie robotique agv

Moduloo Ax

Lightweight and rack-mountable batteries

Our second range Moduloo Ax is the lightest battery on the market allowing high efficiency, designed in a sheet-of-paper with various formats: A5, A5+, A4 and A4+.

Icône bleu TYVA Energie robotique agv
Icône bleu TYVA Energie militaire drone
Icône bleu TYVA Energie stockage d'énergie
Icône bleu TYVA Energie voiture
Icône bleu TYVA Energie maritime

Flat & Kube

Powerful and robust batteries

Our Flat & Kube is made up of our biggest batteries which have an exceptional energy density.

Icône bleu TYVA Energie voiture
Icône bleu TYVA Energie offroad
Icône bleu TYVA Energie maritime
Icône bleu TYVA Energie bus
Icône bleu TYVA Energie stockage d'énergie

Moduloo Ex

Portable and scalable electric stations

Our Moduloo Ex range is made up of powerful and ergonomic portable power stations. They are designed to bring flexibility to professionals for the powering of their applications.

Icône bleu TYVA Energie offroad
Food truck

LX ion

Standard and custom batteries and cells

LX Ion provides you with its expertise and know-how, accompanying you for all your lithium cell needs, including lithium-ion batteries in 12V / 24V / 48V configurations, and custom lithium battery packs. Our assembly capabilities, located in France within an ISO 9001 certified facility, enable us to meet high production volumes.


Lithium batteries solutions

TYVA Energie is a French manufacturer of lithium batteries since 2013. We develop sustainable and modular batteries solutions to answer specific or high efficiency energetic needs.

From the creation of our own batteries management systems (BMS) and static and dynamic switch box (PDU) to the development of our fire protection technology, we offer our know-how and expertise and are at your disposal. TYVA Energie’s range is composed of 3 categories of products suitable for all your needs and application fields which can be part of complete energetic systems.

Thanks to their various shapes, our batteries are adapted to your needs for any new or existing system, whether in terms of size or power.

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Battery reconditioning is achievable thanks to the TYVA Refill technology, making our solutions more sustainable and economical.

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Our lithium batteries are the lightest on the market while possessing an extraordinary high energy density.

Our batteries are manufactured in Annonay (Ardèche, France) in partnership with local suppliers in order to guarantee you qualitative products as well as controlled budget.


Icône bleu TYVA Energie accompagnement 360

Full support

From requirements definition, through batteries' design and manufacture to their transport and installation, we offer you full support in every steps of your project.


Complete systems

Our batteries solution can be provided with an entire energetic system including lithium battery, solar panel, inverter, etc. to cover your needs at all levels.

Icône bleu TYVA Energie outils digitaux

Digital tools

Thanks to our digital app dedicated to real time batteries monitoring, as well as our incoming fleet management tool, get access to hands-on interfaces to track and supervise your batteries.

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Since batteries are complex and quickly evolving, we are committed in the transmission of knowledge about batteries so that you can have a better understanding of our products and how they work.

Location batterie

Battery renting

To be sure we offer you the most adapted product, we give you the possibility to rent and test our lithium batteries before integrating it durably to your applications.

What our customers
say about us

Discover why B2B companies trust us through the tangible results of a collaboration with TYVA Energie.

Discover our case studies

Logo Thales Alenia Space

We have really appreciated TYVA Energie’s agility and reactivity. Their total control over lithium batteries and the electronic systems they feature gives the opportunity to change designs and benefit from great flexibility while easing procedures and exchanges.

Frédéric BEZIAT

Stratobus Energy Storage Manager

For ALSEAMAR, it is crucial to guarantee our customers a safe battery no matter the circumstances with the necessary amount of energy while being designed to avoid electrical risks. TYVA Energie was really proactive besides demonstrating great responsiveness, which allowed us to develop a promising subsea vehicle with an exceptionally high security level.


Sales Manager Divers & Special Forces
H2X Ecosystems

TYVA Energie's batteries have allowed us to create a vehicle at the cutting edge of technology with an innovative green power source. Moreover, it has a great autonomy coupled with a significant lightness thanks to the compactness and the mass energy of their lithium batteries.

Stéphane PAUL


The transition to lithium batteries allowed MOBILIS to benefit from a genuine technological improvement which matches more with the sea environment and enables a better global monitoring of batteries.


Sales Director
Gillet tools entreprise française

We have developed a new version of Move-It™ with a reduced weight and an exceptional energy density thanks to TYVA Energie's lithium batteries which represent a new ergonomical and eco-responsible energy source.

Philippe GELIS

Technical Sales Engineer
ACRI Ingénierie

TYVA Energie's batteries confer great autonomy to our gears, thus allowing prolonged uses. Thanks to these various specificities, they perfectly meet with our expectations and they were able to effectively replace lead batteries.

Gregory PLAIN

Research Unit Engineer