TYVA Pyro Protection: TYVA Energie's fire protection technology

TYVA Pyro Protection
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Batteries' safety

Even though lithium batteries are increasingly spreading, they can be subject to unusual risks if they are not carefully handled or if they experience specific conditions for example. Furthermore, they have several protection levels integrated in order to ensure their safety. Cells inside batteries notably have a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) which is a component restricting charge current if an overtemperature occurs. There is also the CID (Current Interrupt Device) which aims to protect the battery against pressure so it doesn’t explode.

The BMS has a leading role in terms of protection since it is the electronic card which will detect problems and communicate with the battery and its components to solve it. That is why it is important to be equipped with the proper efficient BMS like the ones TYVA Energie‘s Research Unit develops and which we have a total control and expertise on. To go further in terms of safety, we deliver our batteries with a 70% charge level in order to limit any thermal runaway risk.

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TPP Eurosatory

Overview of TPP technology showcased during Eurosatory 2022 exhibition

TYVA Pyro Protection solution

Being aware there will always be risks concerning batteries, but also in order to answer an increasing demand on the lithium batteries’ market, TYVA Energie’s Engineers have developed TYVA Pyro Protection technology (TPP) limiting fire propagation between cells.

Indeed this solution operates as a mechanical barrier inside our batteries’ core packs in addition with the technological one endorsed by our BMS. TPP allows the creation of a 5-minutes fire barrier protecting the battery up from 700 to 1500°C. The failing cell is isolated from the rest of the battery thus restricting any thermal runaway of fire propagation risks.

With this technology, TYVA Energie’s will is to offer you safer lithium batteries by securing them from the inside against risks coming from the outside.

Technological challenge

TPP légèreté

Since the first tests we achieved in 2021, TPP solution has always been a genuine R&D challenge for TYVA Energie. We operated mechanically to integrate this solution to our batteries’ designs since there is only a 1 to 2 mm gap between cells depending on the core pack. TPP is also suitable for different cells types (18650 and 21700) and can be integrated to our whole batteries’ range. Its mass represent less than 10% of a battery’s global weight which makes it a light and non-bulky solution.

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TPP solution is also compatible with our TYVA Refill battery reconditioning technology. Since we have the will to reduce at most our environmental impact, we also chose to use non-toxic materials and components non-derived from fossil energies.

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