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Besides building our own sustainable and modular lithium batteries’ solutions, TYVA Energie internally develops various technologies for your applications, whether solutions directly integrated into your systems or additional features we place at your disposal.

In order to offer you the best quality possible, whether in terms of battery, support or experience concerning our products, we make a point of developing on our own all of our technologies that will daily accompany you through the utilization of your applications including TYVA Energie’s batteries.

Bureau d'études hardware software


BMS electronic cards (Battery Management System) represent the most important element of a battery. Since it allows control and ensure lithium batteries’ safety, it seems essential for us to fit all of our ranges with smart and performing BMS. That is why TYVA Energie develops its own electronic cards designed and configured entirely by our Engineers.

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Batteries in parallel

There are many solutions allowing to connect batteries in parallel, but these solutions are often limited in terms of performance and ingenuity. This is why TYVA Energie has developed its own Gateway technology allowing to parallelize up to 10 lithium batteries together besides providing even more autonomy and capacity to your batteries systems. 

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Reconditionnement batterie picto

Battery reconditioning

The environmental dimension is part of nowadays’ major issues. TYVA Energie considers it is a priority rooted within our values and production methods, for example with our components’ supply with local partners. To go even further with the eco-design of our solutions, we have developed TYVA Refill batteries reconditioning solution in 2013.

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Batterie compacte et modulaire

Compact & modular batteries

Lithium batteries experience a real upturn and can now be found in many electronic systems. In order to integrate our batteries into any kind of applications and provide you all of the energy you need, we developed compact and modular ranges. Thus you benefit from flexibility in the conception of your custom battery solution, whether in terms of format or power.

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TYVA Pyro Protection picto

Fire protection

TYVA Energie’s lithium batteries have quite a few components and technologies enabling their protection against any internal of external risks, including a battery management system (BMS). To go further with the safety of our products, we developed TYVA Pyro Protection solution (TPP) to isolate cells from each other and thus limit fire propagation and thermal runaway.

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Icône bleu TYVA Energie outils digitaux

Digital application

Since it is essential for us to provide you access to information regarding your TYVA Energie’s battery, we have developed TYVA Smart Dashboard digital app. This app is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It is an on hand dashboard available at all times to give you the possibility to supervise your lithium battery in real time, but also to give you an overall vision of its activity with complete transparency.

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Gamme ultra fast charge

Ultra-fast charging

Fast charging is a major issue in particular for application fields such as robotics, offroad, energy storage or even electric mobility. That is why TYVA Energie has developed Ultrion technology which is suitable with lithium batteries from our Moduloo Ax range. Thus, you can benefit from ultra-fast charging for your applications thanks to last generation cells.

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