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Thierry Claudel has created TYVA Energie in 2013.

 Animated by the will that technology and ecology can coexist, and taking advantage of his knowledge and experience in the industry and electronic sectors, he develops a first compact and modular battery.

This battery, that happened to be the Moduloo 3D, will then be rewarded multiple times and become the first of a long line of products and innovations.

Création TYVA Energie

Eco-responsible commitment

TYVA Energie is now implanted in Annonay, in the Ardèche county of France, in the heart of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It is located at the crossroad of Lyon, Valence, Grenoble and Saint-Etienne cities, and benefits from the region’s industry influence while being closed to nature, just between the Rhône river and the Pilat massif.

The environmental dimension has always been a crucial part of TYVA Energie’s concerns, which is why since 2013 we developed TYVA Refill batteries reconditioning solution. It enables cells and other components’ replacement that have reached the end of their life while preserving the initial core pack, thus allowing to reduce wastes, recycle materials and power a circular economy system we hold on to.

Sourcing & conception

To go further with our carbon footprint’s reduction, we made the choice to value a local sector by preferring providers closed to our ISO 9001 certified automated site. Up to 80% of our batteries’ component are supplied less than 90 minutes from Annonay, allowing us to carefully select the partners we collaborate with in order to guarantee batteries with irreproachable quality and safety.

We control every step of our production chain, from the reflexion process and components’ supply to batteries’ conception. Moreover, this chain is preserved thanks to our local sourcing that provides us the components we require rapidly, ensuring you short timeframes.

French manufacturer of lithium batteries

Since 2013, we design and produce sustainable and modular lithium batteries for professionals of robots, electric mobility, offroad vehicles or even defense sectors.

Sustainable: thanks to TYVA Refill battery reconditioning solution that permits to give infinite lifetime to batteries. Modular: thanks to the flexibility to build a 3-dimension solution, in series or parallel assemblies, and thus create your own custom battery. In this way you get autonomy, lightness and high capacity for all of your applications.

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