Flat & Kube: innovative and powerful batteries

The Flat & Kube range is made up of sustainable batteries with unique sizes and shapes as well as exceptional energy capacity. Aimed for applications requiring high power like electric mobility, these are the largest lithium batteries made by TYVA Energie.

Flat & Kube batteries both have 2 similar power levels but they can be differentiated by their size and shape: the Flat casing is long and thin while the Kube one is a higher square. Both of our compact and innovative batteries include Moduloo Ax’s technology allowing them to be powerful and modular. They are build inside resistant and waterproof aluminium cases.

Icône gris TYVA Energie Made in France

Made in France

Icône gris TYVA Energie compacte et modulaire

Compact & Modular

Icône gris TYVA Energie reconditionnement batterie


Icône gris TYVA Energie légèreté


Icône gris TYVA Energie gamme energy et power

Power & Energy

Icône gris TYVA Energie gestion température

Temperature management

Certification UN 38.3
Our whole Flat & Kube range is now UN 38.3 certified to ensure you a safe, fast and economic transport.
RoHS certification
This certification ensures our lithium batteries doesn't contain any harmful chemicals.
R10 Rev.6 certification*
This certification ensures our lithium batteries are compliant with vehicles (electromagnetic norm). *Available in 2022 for a few models
R100 Rev.3 certification*
This certification ensures compliance with electric vehicles (construction, functional safety and hydrogen emission). *Available in 2022

Many possibilities of the Flat & Kube range

Flat 7 & 12

Innovative Flat batteries are the finest one on the market with a thickness of 10 cm only. Their unique compacity, as well as their light and rigid aluminium casing allow their easy integration and setting inside an electric vehicle.

They also have external convenient mechanical fasteners in addition with TYVA Energie’s smart BMS technologies inside the battery.

Finishing touches: IP65 or IP67 aluminium waterproof casing with a 3000 V tolerability
Removable access panel
Flat version: 100 mm only
Discharge temperature: – 20 °C to + 60 °C
Charge temperature: – 20 °C to + 45 °C

Kube 7 & 12

Compact Kube batteries have a strong and waterproof aluminium casing which is larger and more massive while it is still easy to integrate inside the final product.

They are also fitted with TYVA Energie’s BMS and several mechanical fasteners. Kube are geniune condensed power which can weigh up to 65 Kg.

Finishing touches: IP65 or IP67 aluminium waterproof casing with a 3000 V tolerability
Removable access panel
Series or parallel assembly connection
Discharge temperature: – 20 °C to + 60 °C
Charge temperature: – 20 °C to + 45 °C

Custom Flat & Kube

Our Flat & Kube range can also be personalized in its casing and power like Moduloo Ax lithium batteries, in order to obtain a custom battery solution that perfectly fits with your application field.

Thus there are many things we can modulate for a reduced development cost: vary the battery’s final dimension, change its power and signal connectors and add a cooling system for example. Once more, we offer you a modular battery allowing various voltage and operating capacity depending on your needs.

Aluminium casing with custom dimensions
Change of voltage and opertating capacity
Change of power and signal connectors
Add of a custom cooling system

Flat & Kube technology

BMS et PDU Flat et Kube TYVA Energie


Easy access to the BMS and/or PDU thanks to the access cover.

Fixation chassis Flat et Kube TYVA Energie

Robust fasteners

Chassis' fixation of the whole Flat & Kube range all along the chassis.

Façade amovible Flat et Kube TYVA Energie

Removable front

The removable front allows easy switch of connectors type.

Application TYVA Smart Dashboard Flat et Kube TYVA Energie

TYVA Smart Dashboard

The BMS connected to Bluetooth allows the battery's management thanks to TYVA Smart Dashboard app.

Boîtier aluminium étanche Flat et Kube TYVA Energie

Waterproof aluminium casing

Our standard cases are IP65 and IP67 certified on request.

Connecteurs étanches IP67 Flat et Kube TYVA Energie

Waterproof connectors

Our Flat & Kube batteries can be fitted with IP67 waterproof connectors.

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