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Gamme Flat & Kube TYVA Energie

Flat & Kube batteries inside our customers' applications


TYVA Energie powers the DB24000 buoy developed by the French company Mobilis. Indeed, this gigantic buoy dedicated to major research studies embeds two Kube 12 batteries from our Flat & Kube range which provide great autonomy to the application. The compactness and lightness of our lithium batteries also allow to reduce the buoy’s total weight. Indeed, DB24000 is 13 tons heavy and features 65 kg batteries when they used to be powered by 2 tons lead batteries.

H2X Ecosystems

H2X EcosystemsWeasel UGV drone features a propulsion system operating thanks to hydrogen coupled with TYVA Energie’s lithium batteries. Indeed, it is a ground guided vehicle developed to carry several UAV and UGV robots in extremes environments. Thus, it embeds two Flat 12 batteries from our Flat & Kube range which particularity is to be very compact since they are only 10 cm thick. Thus, it is an ingenious drone benefiting from unprecedented autonomy.

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