The portable electrical generators Moduloo Ex at the INTERMAT exhibition

Exhibition of sustainable solutions and technologies for construction,
INTERMAT is the meeting point for all professionals in the sector to contribute to the efficiency of construction projects.

From April 24th to 27th, 2024
Paris-Nord Villepinte
Stand B084 Hall 5B

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And discover the portable electrical generators by TYVA Energy.

Powerful portable electrical generators designed to replace traditional generators on construction sites.

TYVA Energy has developed the Moduloo Ex range of portable electrical generators to offer sustainable, silent solutions that do not require fuel, replacing traditional generators. This range consists of two models of portable power stations distinguished by their power and practicality. Thus, each represents an ideal external power source for professional applications, easily transportable and suitable for use in Low Emission Zones (LEZ).

Among these two models of portable electrical generators in the Moduloo Ex range, we find the PowerCase: a small electrical station characterized by its practical format. It has an onboard energy of 2 kWh and can be effortlessly transported thanks to its integrated handles and a weight of less than 20 kg. The PowerCase represents the ultimate portable power source, ideal for powering corded electrical tools as a portable battery designed to meet the needs of construction sites.

The Moduloo Ex range also includes the PowerBox: a robust and powerful electrical generator that embodies a real energy powerhouse. This mobile system has onboard energy of up to 11 kWh and is ideally suited for operating construction equipment requiring a substantial power source. The compactness of this portable electrical generator is offset by its exceptional maneuverability, made possible by its all-terrain wheels allowing easy movement and transportation on any ground or surface. The mobile unit, designed to replace traditional generators, also features handling grips and a telescopic arch to make it even more practical.

générateurs électriques portables puissants

Lightweight, mobile, scalable, and solar-powered, the Moduloo Ex range has been developed to provide an efficient alternative to generators, quieter and more environmentally friendly, without the use of any fuel, to meet specific needs.

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