Retrospective of TYVA Energie’s 2023 year

TYVA Energie was celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2023. It’s been 10 years since we started developing our know-how and expertise has a French manufacturer of lithium batteries in order to offer products and services that will fit our customers’ requirements. Year 2023 was punctuated by many news, whether products launching, videos or participations to professional exhibitions. Discover once again TYVA Energie’s 2023 monthly events with our year retrospective!

Retrospective events 2023 TYVA Energie

Portable power stations


The beginning of 2023 was marked by the unveiling of our Moduloo Ex range of portable power stations. It includes the PowerCase, a lightweight and compact solution, as well as the PowerBox which is a convenient and performing electric system. These two powerful and innovative energy solutions were elaborated from our Moduloo Ax lithium battery technology. They are ideal to answer to mobile, clean and autonomous energy needs requested by professionals of various sectors: cinema, events, offgrid and construction.

Professional exhibitions for the cinema sector


After the launching of our Moduloo Ex range, TYVA Energie’s team was able to exhibit for the first time our portable power stations at the Micro Salon AFC event. This exhibition taking place in the Parc Floral de Paris was gathering all the key players from the cinema sector, as well as their products and innovations. TYVA Energie’s CEO had the opportunity to exchange during a round table about the CNC’s action plan regarding tomorrow’s challenges for film sets. He was able to talk about our portable stations which are solutions contributing to the sector’s responsibility.

Swappable, robust and waterproof lithium battery


During our participation to the SITL event dedicated to transport and logistics, TYVA Energie’s latest innovation was showcased on our booth: the Moduloo Ax Xtreme lithium battery. Designed from our Moduloo Ax standard battery, it is a swappable, robust and waterproof system. Thus, it can be replaced in order to be recharged allowing a greater flexibility, autonomy and performance. Moreover, it is designed to answer requirements of various sectors such as electric mobility, defence and marine. Thus, it is particularly resistant to critical environments.

Play Video about Moduloo Ax Xtreme

ISO 9001 certification


Following an internal audit performed in April, the ISO 9001 certification delivered to TYVA Energie was renewed for another 3-years period. Indeed, this certification provided by the AFNOR (French Standardization Association) is indispensable for companies that wish to improve the quality of their products and services. The renewal of the ISO 9001 certification implies that TYVA Energie has developed a quality management system. It is internally supported and nurtured day after day for our customers and collaborators.

Comparative study


We have completed and written a comparative study presented as a white paper in order to present the advantages of our portable power stations. Through this study, we highlight the 8 points which differentiate the Moduloo Ex range from power generators: power, ergonomics, eco-responsibility, sustainability, security, noise nuisance, power supply and maintenance. Downloading this white paper will allow you to discover how our Moduloo Ex portable power stations can represent efficient and performing alternative energy sources.

Paris Air Show


TYVA Energie was exhibiting at Paris Air Show for the first time in 2023. It is the international event dedicated to Aeronautics and Space taking place in Paris Le Bourget. For the 54th edition of this key event, we were invited by the CCI (French Chamber of Commerce and Industry) to exhibit on the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes pavilion gathering 80 local key players. As a French manufacturer of lithium batteries and member of the Aerospace Cluster (the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes corporate network of aeronautics, space and defence sectors), we are proud to have showcased our innovations and met you during the show.

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Thales Alenia Space video interview


During the Paris Air Show, we have interviewed Yannick Combet: Stratobus Program Manager for the Thales Alenia Space Franco-Italian joint venture. This project resulting in the development of an autonomous stratospheric airship represents a massive technological and economical challenge, as well as an energetic one. TYVA Energie is involved alongside with Thales Alenia Space to participate in the outcome and the success of this project.

Play Video about Miniature Interview Thales Alenia Space EN

TYVA Battery Academy videos


Since lithium batteries are complex technologies, we accompany you with our 10-years expertise in the conception and manufacturing of energy systems and their components through a new video series: TYVA Battery Academy. These videos addressed to engineers, technicians and project managers are released on our website as well as our social networks. They aim to cover various topics concerning lithium batteries, as well as bringing our knowledge and experience through a short and condensed format.

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Automated assembly line


TYVA Energie came back in September with the release of a new video dedicated to our automated lithium batteries assembly line. This installation gives us the opportunity to achieve several tasks simultaneously in order to build core packs composing our Moduloo Ax and Flat & Kube lithium batteries. Thus, we have an important production capacity with significant volumes up to 32 000 core packs per year. It corresponds to a 65 MWh total annual capacity to power any type of projects requiring the appropriate energy solution.

Play Video about Vidéo ligne de production robotisée

Moduloo Ex videos


We have decided to launch a new videos series dedicated to our PowerCase and PowerBox portable power stations in order to accompany the Moduloo Ex range. We present you our products through these short and dynamic videos, but we also discuss about their specificities, their accessories and how to use properly. We also collect and share with you the opinion of professionals from various sectors regarding their use of our portable station.

Play Video about Test construction work PowerCase Moduloo Ex

Professional exhibitions for the events sector


Year 2023 ended with many events where TYVA Energie was exhibiting its Moduloo Ex portable power stations. Thus, we had a booth in November at the Heavent Paris exhibition dedicated to innovation, solutions and services for events and shows. We also showcased our products at the International Technical Show of Stage Equipment (JTSE) in Aubervilliers, but also at the AEC Micro Salon in Madrid from December 1st to 2nd.

Bonne Pioche Productions video interview


During the filming of Nicolas Vanier’s movie ‘”C’est le monde à l’envers !”, the French director has worked with the production firm Bonne Pioche. Through this collaboration, TYVA Energie was also involved on the film set with its PowerBox portable power station. It was used during this eco-filming as a silent energy system which doesn’t require any fuel. Thus, TYVA Energie and Bonne Pioche Productions wish to demonstrate the relevance of such a product to power materials and facilities. The goal is also to bring an eco-responsible and sustainable solution dedicated to this sector.

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