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You want to know more about our Moduloo Ex PowerBox, the robust and waterproof portable power station available in 5 and 11 kWh?

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Moduloo Ex range is perfect for professional applications requiring a powerful and autonomous external energy source such as: cinema, events, construction, offgrid, etc.

PowerBox station electrique portable interface utilisateur

Application examples of the PowerBox

Eclairage K5600 9kW HMI

K5600 Alpha 9 kW HMI

Eclairage ARRI M90 9kW HMI


Eclairage ARRI M40 4kW HMI projecteurs en parallèle


Our PowerBox portable power station is adapted to power all types of applications that require a mobile energy source in order to fit with their work environment. Thus, it is notably perfect to power application such as wired electrical tools used on construction sites, as well as various types of spotlights we can found on film sets. There are a few examples above with pictures of our solution fitted with TYVA Energie’s lithium batteries, as well as an illustration of spotlight paralleling. Indeed, PowerBox brings the right amount of energy required to power lighting equipment among others.

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