ISO 9001: Renewal of TYVA Energie's quality certification

Renouvellement certification ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification

ISO 9001 standard is provided by AFNOR (French Standardization Association) which is the French organization representing France at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and at the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). This organization delivers quite a few certifications including the ISO 9001 one part of the ISO 9000 standards family. These norms are addressed to companies whishing to improve the quality of their products or services, but also to properly answer to their customers’ requirements.

Thus, ISO 9001 certification delivered by AFNOR Certification results is the result of a quality approach. It specifies criteria for a quality management system (QMS). This certification can be required by all types of companies, whether they are small businesses, medium-sized enterprises or big organizations.

Therefore, ISO 9001 is based on 7 fundamental quality management principles with various issues:

  • Customer focus: satisfy and retain customers,
  • Leadership: manager’s responsibilities,
  • Engagement of people: enhance staff’s skills and value its work,
  • Process approach: consider the company’s organization as a set of correlated sub-activities,
  • Continuous improvement: performances continuation or progressing, reducing of risks or optimization of the mentioned principles,
  • Evidence-based decision making: rely on objective data to make strategic choices,
  • Relationship management: communicate with stakeholders and take their requirements into account.
Quality management principles

Standard renewal for TYVA Energie

TYVA Energie was able to renew its ISO 9001 certification for a 3-years period after an internal audit performed in April 2023. The relevant audit consists to check the proper functioning of the company’s quality management system. To this end, the company must answer the norm’s requirements. The auditor’s mission is to determine potential non-conformances and to file a report for the decision committee of the certifying body. After receiving and discussing on this report, the certification is assigned to the company for 3 years, or it also can be disapproved. During this 3-years period, the auditor must visit the organization to ensure the continuity of the implemented approach. 

TYVA Energie considers it is essential to offer quality products and services to our customers in accordance with our vision and our values. Thus, ISO 9001 certification is essential whether regarding our clients’ satisfaction or to improve our internal process and seize growth opportunities.

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