Automated assembly line for the manufacturing of lithium batteries

Learn more about the automated assembly line which allows us to produce medium production runs and to ensure an important industrial capacity for the conception of lithium batteries core packs.

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French manufacturing

TYVA Energie is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2023.10 years during which we were able to develop our skills, strengthen our expertise and share our experience as a French manufacturer of lithium batteries with our customers.

Indeed, every single lithium battery among TYVA Energie’s range is designed, developed and manufactured in our production site and headquarter in Annonay, France. By choosing to collaborate mainly with local suppliers, as well as controlling the entire production line of our lithium batteries, we are able to offer Made in France products. To this end, we are equipped with an automated production line allowing TYVA Energie to produce a great quantity of lithium batteries in France for competitive costs. Thus, we can fully satisfy our customers’ needs.

Various conception steps

TYVA Energie’s automated assembly line allows us to complete multiple tasks at once in order to produce the core packs composing our lithium batteries. There are 4 key points among the various actions part of these multiple conception steps:

  • The storage, sorting and unitary electrical test of each cell,
  • The mechanical conception of batteries’ core packs,
  • The fastening of spring electronic boards,
  • The production output test and electronical tracing.

Few of these manufacturing steps are illustrated through the video at the top of this page.

Photo ligne production robot modules batteries

Production capacity

Having such an assembly line gives TYVA Energie the possibility to produce significant volumes of lithium batteries’ core packs and to realize medium production runs. There are many possibilities since it is compatible with NMC and LFP chemistries, as well as 18650 and 21700 cells. Thus, the core packs manufactured represent the very heart of our technology since they form the energy system used in many lithium batteries from our ranges: Moduloo Ax and Flat & Kube batteries, as well as Moduloo Ex portable power stations.

Our automated production line allows us to ensure a 32 000 core packs total annual capacity, which means we can produce 65 MWh per year. These core packs are then used to build our lithium batteries aimed for various application fields, whether robotics, defence or electric mobility sectors for example. Thus, they can notably power AGV or AMR robots as well as electric cars, drones and all types of sophisticated systems for our customers. TYVA Energie is proud to have been bringing energy solutions to ever ambitious projects for 10 years now.

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