Video review of the Moduloo Ex portable power stations on the Energie Partout channel

At the end of 2023, TYVA Energie’s Moduloo Ex portable power stations were tested during a review on the YouTube channel of L’Energie Partout. The youtuber specialized in installations and renewable energies constructions has realized an hour and a half long video. He presents the solutions of about a thirty manufacturers of autonomous power stations.

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The video review

To achieve his tests, the youtuber had several products of the manufacturers mentioned in the filming. The goal was to study them and give them a try in real conditions of use. That’s what happened with the PowerBox and the PowerCase which both were subject to a detailed analysis. Indeed, TYVA Energie wished to send its portable power stations for the filming because we wanted to compare them to the other French and foreign manufacturers’ solutions.

We invite you to watch the entire review directly on L’Energie Partout YouTube channel to discover the solutions comparison. If you wish to watch the part dedicated to TYVA Energie’s products only, you have to start the video at 20 minutes and 10 seconds. Discover also our video summary of the PowerBox and PowerCase’s tests completed during the filming of the whole review. Through this article, we also address the key arguments mentioned in the global video review regarding our PowerBox and PowerCase power stations.

Discovery of the PowerBox

During the comparison video, the first argument mentioned in favour of TYVA Energie was the fact we propose portable power stations as a French manufacturer of lithium batteries. It witnesses our expertise and the quality of or products. Moreover, our TYVA Refill reconditioning solution was also mentioned for the sustainable and eco-responsible aspect it gives to our products.

Regarding the PowerBox itself, it was emphasized it is a waterproof solution even though it wasn’t developed to be left out in the rain. It was introduced as a well-designed electrical station with a low center of gravity but which remains easy to handle thanks to its four all-terrain wheels. This exceptional usability is also achieved thanks to the PowerBox’s telescopic arch which improves its ergonomics. Regarding its features, it is fitted with anti-tearing sockets which are quite common to meet the requirements of sectors such as cinema or construction.

The PowerBox can also be plugged in parallel in order to provide a greater autonomy or power to the applications it supplies. With its 11 kWh of embedded energy, it is fairly powerful enough to supply various types of electric tools as shown in the video with the test of a grinder. Following these tests, it was proved the PowerBox is a performing portable power station besides being particularly silent.

PowerBox station electrique portable

Unboxing of the PowerCase

The PowerCase was still conditioned inside its packaging when it arrived for the video filming. Thus, the youtuber was able to discover the product progressively during its unboxing. The portable power station was acknowledged for its aesthetic design and the possibility to be placed horizontally or vertically. It appears to be the most suitable energy solution for artisans’ trucks going on construction sites. Indeed, it can be used to recharge devices and to power small portable tools thanks to its 2 kWh of embedded energy. It is ideal for a work day and more than enough to space out recharges.

As for the PowerBox, one of the PowerCase’s key point is that it is silent. Thanks to this argument, it is quite convenient for film sets or similar situations where the energy solutions’ noise mustn’t interfere with the use of its application. Moreover, it also features qualitative sockets designed to answer various applications fields’ needs where it is praised for its convenient and ergonomical aspects.

PowerCase station electrique portable

In conclusion, the global review available on the YouTube channel of L’Energie Partout demonstrate the quality and efficiency of TYVA Energie’s portable power stations. Whether for the PowerBox or the PowerCase, the two Moduloo Ex energy solutions have many arguments in favour of the cinema, events, offgrid and construction sectors.

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