Eraole: successfull full-scale test with TYVA Energie's lithium batteries

Raphaël Dinelli’s interview – Designer and demonstration pilot

On September 16th, 2020, Raphaël Dinelli flew from La Roche-sur-Yon to join Aix-en-Provence on his hybrid aircraft Eraole as part of the Elektropostal raid. There were a few scares caused by an emergency landing on a record distance of 22 meters but above all it was a successful full-scale test notably thanks to TYVA Energie’s batteries. Let’s take another look on this journey which initiate the beginning of a great adventure: chart the aerial itinerary of the “Aéropostale” with an electric aircraft.

Raphaël Dinelli, a pilot like no other

It is not the first time Raphaël Dinelli deals with thrills. Before being a pilot, he travelled the world and oceans through legendary races:  Vendée Globe, Route du Rhum, Solitaire du Figaro or even Transat Jacques Vabre. In the 2000s he chose to concentrate on aviation with the conception and driving of a 100% green electric aircraft: Eraole.  

Eraole: a revolutionary electric hybrid aircraft

The initial ambition was to revolutionize the future of aviation’s sector while drastically reducing the environmental impact:

The history of transatlantic flights is rich with the legendary performances of Lindbergh, Mermoz, Rutan, and others.

However, all these flights were running on fossil fuels which are based on resources with scheduled depletion, and have proven harmful effects!

The 1st Eraole carbon-free, non-stop flight will be a performance “pioneer” with major environmental interest for the future of aviation, and for tomorrow’s sustainable transport

Designer and demonstration pilot

Challenge accepted for Eraole!

In the last 7 years – sponsored by the major aviation specialists – we have developed an electric aircraft. This aircraft is the result of the major technological advances – it associates electric propulsion with solar power and with energy derived from a marine algae fuel, and has outstanding autonomy and very low carbon emissions.

Designer and demonstration pilot

What makes the aircraft particular is its unique electrical transmission which TYVA Energie took part of by adding its custom-made Moduloo 3D lithium batteries. The batteries’ lightness, their modularity and their ecological approach makes it a key element of the electric aircraft traction chain which notably allowed the aviator to pursue his flight of September 16th, 2020 in downgraded mode for a few precious minutes.

A successfull full-scale test with some turbulences

On September 16th, 2020, Raphaël Dinelli took off from La Roche-sur-Yon for a 8-hours flight that was initially supposed to join Aix-en-Provence. The pilot was forced to achieve an emergency landing around Montpellier because of a changing weather and a Range Extender’s failure (bringing 80% of the batteries’ energy).

Thanks to solar panels and TYVA Energie’s batteries exceptional energy autonomy, Raphaël Dinelli was able to pursue his flight in downgraded mode for 40 minutes which allowed him to consider the best possible outcome. Beside the autonomy brought by lithium batteries, their numerous benefits guaranteed the pilot and aircraft’s safety despite difficult end of the flight and landing conditions.

Our partner TYVA Energie equips our aircraft with TYVA Moduloo 3D lithium batteries. For this project, there are many, high-performance innovations of this cell assembly concept. The modular design of packs, the quality of connections, the resistance to vibrations, the efficiency of the ventilation system, the integration of BMS and the small unit’s mass are essential advantages for the performance of an electrically powered aircraft.

Designer and demonstration pilot

Towards new horizons

Eraole represented France at the 2015 COP21 and wishes to follow Charles Lindbergh’s footsteps during the next few years by crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Le Bourget to New York in 2026 without any stopover or assistance. The ultimate goal? Achieve a no-stopover world tour by 2028 thanks to the electric aircraft. What now? The pilot already prepares what comes next: 

TYVA Energie is proud to accompany Raphaël Dinelli through his journey and fully shares his ecological commitment since it is a value rooted within all of our lithium batteries. Electric mobility is a major challenge we wish to face by producing sustainable and modular lithium batteries with a reconditioning technology adapted to all kind of products (vehicles, boats, aircrafts, construction engine, etc.). There are many challenges to face in order to reduce our environmental footprint.

All of Eraole’s achievements will allow us to progress for the launching of Eraole 2 project.

With an extraordinary adventure, the first no-stopover world tour with an electric flight and the purpose to achieve a technology industrial transfer to develop an 2 to 6 seats aircraft range.

Designer and demonstration pilot

Avion Eraole electrique

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