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Moduloo 3D TYVA Energie

Moduloo 3D lithium batteries inside our customers' applications


TYVA Energie has powered the Eraole aircraft designed and flown by Raphaël Dinelli in 2020. As first steps to the future of aviation, this electrical aircraft fitted wtih solar panels benefits from powerful, light and modular lithium batteries through the Moduloo 3D battery. These specificities represent essential advantages in the aircraft performance as well as its eco-responsible aspect.

Eco Solar Breizh

Before H2X Ecosystems’ buggy, TYVA Energie has collaborated with Jean-Luc Fleureau on the powering of Heol electric and solar vehicle. This vehicle developed by the Eco Solar Breizh association in 2014 is powered with Moduloo 3D modular lithium batteries allowing more than 7000 km travelled to this day. It was the only French electrical vehicule to be approved for international races.

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