TYVA Energie's batteries inside Eco Solar Breizh's electric and solar vehicle

Véhicule électrique Eco Solar Breizh

About Eco Solar Breizh

Eco Solar Breizh is an association (law of 1901). Its purpose is first and foremost to participate in international competitions for electric solar vehicles. While the best known remains the crossing of Australia, it also participated in various events:

  • Morocco (2nd in 2014 and 2015),
  • Belgium (7th in 2014),
  • the United Arab Emirates (14th in 2015).

Since 2014, Heol has travelled over 7000km, exclusively on solar power.

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Eco Solar Breizh
Véhicule électrique Eco Solar Breizh

Heol: electrical and solar powered vehicle

In figures, Heol is a 4.5m long and 1.80m wide vehicle, weighing 180kg, with a peak speed of 130km/h.

It is the only French, and Breton withal, presently approved for international competition and will participate in November 2016 in the 4th competition in Morocco during the COP22 in Marrakesh. In March 2017, it is again invited to represent France at the Egyptian Solar Challenge which is considered to be the world championship for solar vehicles. In the 2013-2015 top, Heol came 27th worldwide, out of 58 teams competing in the championship.

Apart from the international aspect, the association including about twenty members, all volunteers, relies upon:

Competition and innovation

Competition and its energy, being able to mobilise since 2010, the best teams for constant improvement of the vehicle.

Innovation is at the core of this project, either by testing new ideas or by testing and revealing the technologies and know-how of their partners from the business and academic sectors.

Heol is a sort of “moving laboratory” for all businesses or academic partners. Entities such as AODE ELECTRONICS, VENTEC, TYVA Energie, Brest IUT the high-school Anne-Marie JAVOUHEY, etc. use Heol for testing and/or in-house projects.


Since 2010, this means more than 180 young people from all horizons (from the last year before high-school to higher education), whether or not coming from technological education paths, including more than 60 paid internships exceeding a budget of 65k€.

For us, the young people also means many presentations in high-schools, secondary schools, local events (Brest, Ploudalmézeau, Plouguin, etc.) to raise their awareness of technology and especially to make them aware that tomorrow’s town transport will be soft and green.

TYVA Energie and Eco Solar Breizh collaboration for the electric vehicle's battery

The integration of TYVA Energie battery elements is a true technological advance for our vehicle.

Indeed, most international teams have battery packs consisting of soldered 18650Bs. There are risks related to the moment when elements are soldered (overheating, deterioration, poor soldering, etc.), and this assembly allows no modification of battery elements to be made, whether for a repair or a simple modification of its capacity.

Depending upon the competition, the regulations on the number of battery cells may vary. The TYVA Energie’s Moduloo 3D solution is used for easy, safe handling of the 18650Bs. In our case, the number of cells is changed at each competition depending upon the regulatory “gauge” defined by the organiser.

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