Discover how Wyca's robots gained autonomy thanks to TYVA Energie's lithium batteries

Patrick DEHLINGER’s interview – CEO of Wyca

Wyca robot autonome

About Wyca

Wyca Robotics conceives and supplies autonomous indoor vehicle aimed to be integrated inside mobile robots solutions.

On the top of those vehicles, integrators and/or customers install the «mission» part of the robot according to its application field: retail, industry, logistics, safety, etc.

In addition to the incorporation and use ease, Wyca’s value is based on artificial intelligence bricks allowing vehicles to move with complete autonomy and safety, locate itself, avoid obstacles and chose the best way.

Robots AGV Wyca

Wyca’s approach is thus totally horizontale. Wyca has worked to make its products’ incorporation easier, faster, cheaper and reachable for non-robotics Engineers.

CEO of Wyca

Wyca robot mobile


Wyca was looking for batteries capable to equipped its autonomous vehicles but also some complete robots requiring an additional source of high power.

Indeed, there was a double challenge for TYVA Energie. Let’s take the example of IDAR, the disinfection robot with pulsed light which consumes a lot of energy. This world premiere in the autonomous robots field, developed in collaboration with Sanodev on Wyca’s Elodie plateform, is made up the following way:

  • Elodie, the vehicle ensuring the robot’s movement with a 1 KWh battery,
  • An « energy top » used to host additional batteries of 4 KWh and the associated electronic necessary for the supply of the part in charge of disinfection,
  • This disinfection part releases 11 flashs/second  at the rate of 14 MW/flash and thus requires a high electrical availability.

The system’s total weigh is 110 kg.

We consider the battery is a crucial element part of our robot because it determinates its autonomy, congestion and agility. Reliability is also a major challenge.

CEO of Wyca

Solutions brought by TYVA Energie

In order to respond this specification, TYVA Energie has selected its Moduloo Ax range made up of custom, compact and modular lithium batteries which perfectly correspond to Wyca’s requirements. Thus, Elodie, the standard robots vehicle is featured with a A5+ core pack and disinfection supplying part made up of 2 rackables A4+ core packs of 24 V each in series. This combination allows a charge dissociated from the vehicle and from the « energy top ».

Besides the requirement of compact and modular batteries, one of Wyca’s robots essential needs was autonomy and power. To chose the Moduloo Ax range isn’t a trivial choice, thus these are the lightest lithium batteries on the market, allowing to gain autonomy. This lightness additioned with the selection of Energy lithium cells allows the best autonomy possible. Indeed, these lithium ion cells have a higher energy density which allows to space reloads and power powerful applications.

Moduloo Ax A5+ Wyca

Another essential critera for Wyca: the BMS. It is the reason why we have featured our batteries supplying the robot’s upper part with our most improved BMS (Battery Management System): BMS PRO. This smart electronic card designed by TYVA Energie’s Engineers fits with autos’ standards concerning a use on electric vehicles.

Besides its lithium batteries’ management and protection function, the BMS PRO allows data reporting for many communication protocols (Bluetooth and CAN bus). As a significant advantage, it also allows to connect batteries in parallel or series thanks to the Master & Slave function.

Learn more about TYVA Energie BMS’ technology

Compact, powerful, robust and reliable batteries with an outstanding BMS as well as the capacity to build custom products are the reasons why we chose TYVA Energie.

CEO of Wyca

Observed benefits

Results are already here after the prototyping phase. The robot has a one continuous hour of disinfection autonomy operated at 0.5 m/s (equivalent to 20 m² in 1 minute or a 30 m supermarket shelf in 1 minute). When moving, the vehicle’s autonomy reaches 8 hours for less than 2 hours of reloading.

Rackable batteries’ advantage is also the operator is able to replace empty batteries with full ones instantly or letting the robot charge itself autonomously.

What about now?

New challenge to achieve for TYVA Energie with lithium batteries for more powerful vehicles with payloads capacities up to 1500 kg.

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