Gateway: batteries parallelling

The Gateway CAN is an electronical component developed internally by TYVA Energie’s Engineers. It is a telecontrol tool allowing simultaneous monitoring of 2 to 10 lithium batteries in parallel during discharge and charge phases. Thanks to this technology, you gain more flexibility in the building of your own custom modular battery solution.

With its CAN 2.0B bus connection that allows its management as well as its steering and the firmware’s updating, the Gateway is also compatible with TYVA Energie’s whole lithium batteries ranges for the creation of connected systems with high energy performance.

Many possibilities of the Gateway CAN

Gateway CAN

The Gateway works with 4 specific operating modes to provide you a personalized management of your lithium batteries:

  • Manual: you get to manage your battery yourself as you want,
  • Automatic: the Gateway simultaneously discharges and charges batteries with the same state of charge (SOC) to obtain the maximum amount of energy available,
  • Group: the Gateway selects a group of batteries to use,
  • Sequential: the Gateway discharges or charges batteries one after another.

Supply voltage: 9 to 72 V
Running consumption: 50 to 100 mA while operating
Dimensions: 141 x 131 x 61 mm

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