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You want to know more about our Made in France Gateway CAN? It allows simultaneous monitoring of 2 to 10 batteries in parallel and is compatible with the whole TYVA Energie’s range.

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The Gateway CAN is one of the specific technologies developed by TYVA Energie’s Research Unit in Annonay, France. Thanks to this lithium batteries paralleling solution, we can significantly increase the system’s energy capacity since it is powered with several energy sources connected to each other. Thus, the application acquires an important autonomy which is what most sectors such as robotics or even electric mobility are seeking for.

TYVA Energie had the opportunity to fit its Gateway CAN inside the DB24000 buoy designed by the French company Mobilis. This 13 tons buoy has a 5 meter diameter. It is powered with two Kube 12 lithium batteries from our Flat & Kube range which are connected together in parallel. Thus, it benefits from an exceptional energy density and capacity.

Bouée batterie MOBILIS

In addition to the Gateway CAN, TYVA Energie has also developed several technologies including its own BMS electronic cards, TYVA Refill battery reconditioning solution, TYVA Smart Dashboard digital app, etc.

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