Security of power generators and portable power stations

Sécurité stations électriques portables

Power generators

There are some essential points to respect in order to ensure the power generator and its user’s safety. Indeed, generating set may constitute a hazard in particular because of the fuel it contains. It is extremely flammable implying precautions must be taken in order to avoid incidents. The user has to be vigilant regarding its handling since external elements may harm the system. He also has to apply regulations concerning the power generator installation. It must fit inside the most appropriated and ventilated location away from flame sources. Similarly, it is crucial for the power generator to be set up on a perfectly flat surface in order to avoid any oil movement.

A regular maintenance is once more essential to ensure the system’s proper functioning and prevent potential risks. Some power generators feature components which purpose is to ensure a safer use. As an example, the thermal circuit breaker can detect overcharging and short circuits in order to protect the system. Differential circuit breakers are mandatory to ensure the user’s safety against risks of electric shock or electrocution. Finally, power generators are subject to several regulations allowing to ensure their reliability in regard to their user.

Safety directives for power generators

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Power generators safety directives

Portable power stations

Regarding safety, Moduloo Ex portable power stations have many protection levels starting which their robust and IP54 waterproof casing. On the inside, there are Moduloo Ax lithium batteries core packs with cells which embed specific technologies to ensure the energy system’s security.

Lithium batteries must feature a BMS or PCM management system in order to function properly with an optimal safety. TYVA Energie masters the BMS technology (Battery Management System) since it is a more advanced type of electronic card whether in terms of communication or security. Indeed, the BMS aims to handle overcharging among other things because it permanently communicates with the battery it monitors to relay potential errors. All of TYVA Energie’s BMS are developed internally by the hardware and software Engineers of our Research Unit. In this way we can ensure the total control over this electronic component as for the rest of our batteries’ technologies.

In addition to all of the protections we mentioned, TYVA Energie has decided to develop a fire protection representing an extra barrier between the battery and external risks. Thus, we have created the TYVA Pyro Protection solution compatible with Moduloo Ex portable power stations. Thanks to this technology, we can limit fire propagation and thermal runaway risks since it operates as a mechanical barrier isolating cells from one another.

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