PowerBox: handling and ergonomy of the portable power station

TYVA Energie’s portable power stations from the Moduloo Ex range are solutions created to represent efficient alternatives to traditional power generators. Although it is quite voluminous, PowerBox which as a 11-kWh embedded energy is designed to be a system easy to use, to move and to transport thanks to its several built-in features.

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Mobile system

The PowerBox portable power station is fitted with 4 resistant all-terrain wheels in order to ease its transport on all types of surfaces. Thus, it meets the requirements of many professionals in various application fields. It is easy to carry and to transport anywhere, whether on uneven surfaces such as construction site or on smooth surfaces such as film sets. It is recommended to check the tire pressure before using the PowerBox.

Besides providing a great ergonomy to the PowerBox, two out of its all-terrain wheels are also swivel braked wheels. This feature allows to block the system in order to stabilize it during its transport or its use when necessary. For safety reasons, it is essential to lock and unlock these brakes with foot only, wearing appropriate safety footwear. The tire pressure must be sufficient not to compromise the ability to block the wheels.

Carrying handles

Besides its all-terrain wheels, the handling of the PowerBox is also simplified thanks to its built-in handles. Two handles at the back of the PowerBox are incorporated inside a telescopic arch. It is retractable thanks to friction wheels that needs to be unscrewed in order to adjust the required arch height. You just need to tighten these friction wheels in order to fix the telescopic arch in the desired position. Thus, you can use the PowerBox as you wish.

This telescopic arch can be used to swing the PowerBox like a suitcase to make it easier to move and to transport. Indeed, the portable power station can be handled as a handling trolley. Thus, it is easier to load and unload from a utility vehicle despite its weight. This feature has a significant impact on the workability of the portable power station since it improves the PowerBox’s ergonomics aspect.

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