Moduloo Ex: presentation of our portable power stations

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For several years now, autonomous energy requirements have multiplied in many business areas such as cinema and events but also offgrid and construction. Power generators used to be omnipresent to handle these requirements. Nowadays, they are slowly making room to energy solutions which are less polluting and less cumbersome.

In this way, TYVA Energie has chosen to draw on its knowledge as a French manufacturer of lithium batteries to develop and offer its own portable power stations. Thus, we have perfected the Moduloo Ex range working thanks to our lithium battery technology in order to bring the necessary power and autonomy to professional applications.


The Moduloo Ex range incorporates the PowerCase. It is a small electrical power station which is also compact and powerful with a 2-kWh embedded energy.

It as a convenient format and it weights less than 20 kg. Thus, it is ideal for professionals who require an on-hand and easy to carry consequent energy source, whether on construction sites or film sets.


The Moduloo Ex range also incorporates the PowerBox. It is a robust and powerful power station with a 11-kWh embedded energy.

We have imagined a convenient design in order to ease its using and handling. To this end, it features several handles and a telescopic arch allowing to swing it like a suitcase. Four wheels were also integrated in order to ease its movement and optimize its use in all circumstances.

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CEO & Sales Manager of TYVA Energie

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