Noise nuisances: which solution to choose?

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Power generators

Among the power generators’ many specificities, there is a significant point that may present drawbacks according to their use: noise. It is known that generating sets make a lot of noise because of their thermal engine. It can be problematic since most of the sectors using power generators are subject to regulations which aim to limit noise nuisances in urban areas or neighborhoods. Moreover, some rules are also directed by Labor law which purpose is to prevent noise risk regarding employees’ health and security. In either case, noise pollution is a major drawback that can affect professionals’ efficiency.

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Silent generators have appeared on the market these last few years to remedy this. They are soundproof with a 70 to 90 dB noise against 150 dB or more for other generating sets. They generally function with a gasoline engine fitted inside an insulated casing build to confine the sound and reduce noise nuisances. Although they are more silent and compact, soundproof power generators are also less powerful. They benefit from a 2 kW or lower output power, meaning they rather provide silence than a genuine amount of power. Thus, these solutions don’t fulfil all the expectations and aren’t suitable for intensive uses required by some application fields.

Portable power stations

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Time slot where the use of noisy power tools is authorized in urban area of neighborhoods:

Workday : 8.30AM to 12PM and 2.30PM to 7.30PM  |  Saturday: 9AM to 12PM and 3PM to 7PM  |  Sunday: 10AM to 12PM

In order to meet with unrestricted professional use’s requirements, PowerCase and PowerBox portable power stations are silent solutions with a noise level below 60 dB at a 1-meter distance. This noise level can be compared to the sound level of a normal conversation between two persons. It doesn’t exceed what most of power generators are capable of regarding noise pollution, including soundproof ones meant to be silent.

However, this noise emission restriction doesn’t imply less powerful solutions. Portable power stations provide a 3 to 10 kW output power meaning they are suitable for restricted applications regarding noise nuisance such as film sets and construction sites.

The construction sector is mainly impacted by these regulations since the law prohibits the use of specific loud electrical tools apart from specific determined time-slots. There are municipal by-laws prohibiting their utilization even on week-ends or Sundays to limit noise pollution at most. Thus, TYVA Energie’s portable power stations represents an efficient alternative since it allows to maintain productivity with the continuous use of such external energy sources.

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