Video interview of Rémi Lecomte on ALSEAMAR's Euronaval booth

TYVA Energie has participated to the 2022 edition of Euronaval at Paris Le Bourget. During the exhibition, we have interviewed Rémi Lecomte, Sales Manager Divers & Special Forces from the French company ALSEAMAR who was also exhibiting on Euronaval. 

Discover the video interview to learn more about the collaboration between ALSEAMAR and TYVA Energie through the conception of MURENE, the subsea vehicle dedicated to combat divers powered by our lithium batteries.

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Introduce yourself

Welcome on ALSEAMAR‘s booth, I am Rémi Lecomte, charged with the promotion of this type of material which is a subsea vehicle dedicated to combat divers.

Learn more about MURENE subsea vehicle

Can you tell us more about MURENE’s conception?

It is a device which took shape in 2018. We started with a first pencil stroke in September 2017 and just about one year later we were able to showcase it for the first time on our booth during Euronaval 2018.

Why did you choose to collaborate with TYVA Energie?

We had a partnership to create this kind of material with several subcontractors including TYVA Energie which was still a young start-up back then. We had power and ergonomics constraints mainly. At the time, TYVA Energie’s and ALSEAMAR’s Research Units were able to discuss and work together to design a custom-made lithium battery.

What benefits have you noticed from this collaboration?

It’s been almost 3 years now since we started using TYVA Energie’s batteries. Until today, we can say that we have a relatively safe battery. The whole vehicle passed many environment tests against impacts, vibrations, heat, coldness, etc. Among other things, the battery works well and still provides its full capacity to this day.

What are the challenges left for MURENE?

Since they are devices which will soon be transported on submarines using a specific sensitive energy, we still need to qualify them for this type of boat to obtain a full certification. These are significant tests that will solicit the battery a lot since we must destroy nearly 8 batteries’ packs to achieve the qualification.

Regarding what we are doing until now and today’s technical security pre-studies in collaboration with TYVA Energie, I think we are on the right track and I’m pretty confident about the obtention of this qualification.

Rémi Lecomte
Sales Manager Divers & Special Forces at ALSEAMAR

Is there any other certification necessary for MURENE’s transport?

There is also the capacity to transport it through air transport since we need to project the material. Thus, it also requires to work on the UN 38.3 qualification, but once more I do not worry at all about the air transport if we obtain the certification for submarines.

What can you tell us about ALSEAMAR’s forthcoming projects?

We are currently having discussions on many projects with the French DGA (Directorate General of Armaments) that are subject to reserved right. It concerns state projects which are still affiliated to special forces, cyberwarfare or other domains. I can’t say anything about it, I’m sorry! But we still trust TYVA Energie to power our devices with their batteries, which will be standardised or custom-made because of our ergonomics’ complexity.

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