MURENE: ALSEAMAR’s subsea vehicle for combat divers powered by TYVA Energie’s batteries

Rémi LECOMTE’s interview – Sales Manager Divers & Special Forces at ALSEAMAR

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ALSEAMAR is a French subsidiary of ALCEN group specialized in the design, development and maintenance of naval and subsea systems. The company evolves on the three main marine markets: naval defence, oceanography and offshore industry. ALSEAMAR achieves a € 20 million sales revenues, 50% through export.


Thus, the company is specialized in various activities:

  • Robotics such as subsea gliders aimed for the sea data collect,
  • Subsea mobility with vehicles adapted to ISR missions (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance),
  • Radio-communications antennas for navy vessels and submarines,
  • Naval MOC (Maintenance in Operational Condition).

ALSEAMAR has been collaborating with Special Naval Forces for 12 years on various projects which TYVA Energie takes part in for 5 years now.

Alseamar MURENE
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The challenge

ALSEAMAR has developed MURENE in 2018, a subsea light vehicle able to tow up to 2 divers. With its small dimension, greater ease of use and intuitive and accurate piloting system, it can be deployed from shore as well as a rigid inflatable boat or a submarine.

Through MURENE’s development, ALSEAMAR has elaborated a specific mechanical structure to accommodate a power source able to bring the necessary amount of energy to carry 2 divers and shunt the whole system. In addition to the energy capacity constraint, the challenge was also to find the perfect battery whether in terms of ergonomics and sealing to fit with the space and weight available inside the vehicle.

There is an additional essential factor adding up to all these significant criteria which is also elementary for defence sector’s products and services: safety. In order to equip MURENE, ALSEAMAR required a stable battery mechanically designed to resist to impacts and vibrations. It also needed to do not represent any danger (thermal runaway, fire propagation, etc.) in order to be carried through boat or air transport.

For ALSEAMAR, it is crucial to guarantee our customers a safe battery no matter the circumstances with the necessary amount of energy while being designed to avoid electrical risks.

Sales Manager Divers & Special Forces at ALSEAMAR

Solutions brought by TYVA Energie

During MURENE’s design, TYVA Energie stood out as a supplier thanks to its growing start-up activity focused on innovation. We were able to provide the perfectly suitable solution corresponding to ALSEAMAR’s requirements whether in terms of design or power. Indeed, in addition to benefit from a certain geographic proximity with ALSEAMAR, we knew how to efficiently respond to MURENE’s specifications which then allowed us to progress together on other projects. We did it thanks to our responsiveness and our apprehension of the project, in particular thanks to our consideration of the vehicle’s metal structure representing a major congestion constraint.

Gamme Moduloo Ax TYVA Energie

Thus, following our Research Units’ collaboration, TYVA Energie’s Engineers have developed a custom-made lithium battery from our Moduloo Ax range made up of light and autonomous batteries. It is subject to a specific technology dedicated exclusively to ALSEAMAR in order to occupy less space while conferring great energy to the propulsion vehicle.

We obtain a completely safe solution isolated against any kind of electrical risks in addition to benefit from a vent system designed by ALSEAMAR following a prior battery of tests before production. A thermal pad was also added to optimize temperature flows. Everything is conditioned inside a robust and hermetic metal chamber ensuring the system’s sealing.

To go even further concerning security, the batterie is fitted with a BMS PRO as well as a static PDU. These two electronic cards are major components allowing to ensure the battery’s safety. Indeed, the BMS PRO communicates directly with the battery and enables to control its status to determine protection instructions while the static PDU applies these instructions. These smart components are both designed and developed internally by TYVA Energie’s Engineers.

This custom battery specifically developed for ALSEAMAR’s MURENE vehicle is exploiting a TYVA Energie patent for the technicality of its innovative intercell assembly.

Benefits of our lithium battery

With a total weight inferior to 140 kg when equipped with its TYVA Energie’s lithium battery, MURENE benefits from a genuine amount of power with a reduced congestion. Thus, the vehicle has obtained the necessary certifications and successfully passed a battery of tests regarding resistance to impacts and vibrations as well as extreme temperatures, but also electromagnetic tests (EMC) in order to correspond to defence and marine applications.

ALSEAMAR was also able to use TYVA Smart Dashboard digital app aimed to remotely monitor TYVA Energie’s lithium batteries in real time. Thanks to this device, it is possible to supervise the whole custom battery during charge and discharge phases as well as determine if there is a pressure or temperature rise, but also obtain the instant battery status in any situation.

TYVA Energie was really proactive besides demonstrating great responsiveness, which allowed us to develop a promising subsea vehicle with an exceptionally high security level. 

Sales Manager Divers & Special Forces at ALSEAMAR

What about now?

TYVA Energie collaborates with ALSEAMAR on many other current projects for marine and defence sectors. For these projects including MURENE, we aim to develop a digital fleet management tool in order to optimize the monitoring of all batteries in charge and discharge phase for subsea systems.

In addition to this technology, the next step would be to add TYVA Refill battery reconditioning solution to MURENE vehicle. The created custom-made battery allows to easily remove cells from the complete system since they are not welded, thus providing the possibility to recycle or replace them.

To go even further towards a security approach concerning our batteries and the solutions we provide to ALSEAMAR, our TYVA Pyro Protection solution is also practicable inside this custom system. It represents an additional protection level added to the other precautions we already take day after day regarding our products’ development, as well as answering to the defence sector criteria.

Véhicule à propulsion MURENE

Video interview

Discover the video interview of Rémi LECOMTE, Sales Manager Divers & Special Forces at ALSEAMAR who told us more about MURENE during Euronaval exhibition 2022.

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