Moduloo Ax Xtreme: watch the video about our latest swappable, robust and waterproof lithium battery

In order to answer intensive operating conditions, TYVA Energie has developed the strengthened version of its Moduloo Ax range: the Moduloo Ax Xtreme lithium battery. Discover the video about this new unique technology’s specificities allowing a great flexibility of use.

Moduloo Ax Xtreme
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Swappable battery

The Moduloo Ax Xtreme lithium battery has the particularity to use the hot swap method. Hot swapping means it is a swappable battery we can easily switch and carry. This method allows to replace a discharged battery with a charged one within a few seconds only in order to benefit from a continuous amount of energy.

Thanks to battery swapping, there is no wasted time because of charging between uses. Thus, it reduces the number of off-peak periods. The swappable battery brings more flexibility and allows a long-term intensive use, providing more autonomy and productivity to applications.

Moduloo Ax Xtreme casing robuste

Power and modularity

Moduloo Ax Xtreme robuste

The Moduloo Ax Xtreme lithium battery is available with 3 different power levels in order to answer various energy needs. It is notably designed for applications fields such as electric mobility, robotics, marine and defence. It can provide a high voltage from 24 to 51 V as well as a maximum energy capacity of 177 Wh/Kg. Thus, this swappable battery brings an important amount of power to the applications it supplies.

It is also a modular lithium battery in order to bring more flexibility in the conception of high capacity systems. Thus, we can connect several modules together through TYVA Energie’s Gateway CAN technology. This modular design allows to connect 2 to 10 lithium batteries in parallel.

Robustness and sealing

Conditioned inside a robust casing with an aluminium housing and several reinforced plastic components, the Ax Xtreme is designed to face critical environments. Thus, its robustness allows it to tolerate shocks and vibrations in order to answer applications evolving in extreme environments.

Besides the benefits of a robust casing, the lithium battery is fitted with waterproof housing and connectors meeting with IP67 standard. On one side, this ingress protection code means the swappable battery is airtight regarding dusts and any solid objects. On the other side, it is also waterproof regarding rain and water projections, but it can also bear temporary of one-meter depth for 30 minutes.

Other features

The strengthened and swappable version of the Moduloo Ax lithium battery is available in 3 various formats which weighs 6 to 11 Kg. Regarding technology, it is fitted with a LED display on its casing which gives the battery’s SOC (State of Charge). As the entire TYVA Energie’s lithium batteries range, it features a management system (BMS) and a switch box (PDU) developed by our Engineers in Annonay in order to ensure the battery’s safety.

As the entire Moduloo Ax range, the Moduloo Ax Xtreme swappable battery is UN 38.3 certified to ensure a safe, fast and economic transport of lithium batteries.

Discover the Moduloo Ax Xtreme lithium battery during the SITL exhibition taking place in Paris Porte de Versailles from March 28 to 30, 2023. We will be waiting for you on TYVA Energie’s booth: L058.

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