Generating sets or portable power stations: power of these energy systems

Etude comparative puissance stations électriques portables

Power generators

There are many categories of power generators with various formats and specific power. Before acquiring one of these solutions, it is essential for the user to identify his energy needs. Indeed, all power generators are not built to answer every single specific requirement. The right product must be chosen depending on its use in order to avoid purchasing one that is not up to the task it was bought for.

Thus, there are various types of power generators developed to answer specific levels of use:

  • Gasoline generators often used to answer occasional needs requiring a 1 to 6 kW power overall,
  • Diesel generators used to answer intensive uses and able to produce a great amount of power up to thousands of kilowatts,
  • Silent generators which also run on gasoline with a power generally limited to 2 kW.

There are 5 levels of usage, each of them corresponding to various uses and performances:

  • Limited: rare and quick uses,
  • Hobby: casual uses on a limited amount of time,
  • Semi-professional: frequent and more intense uses,
  • Professional: all intense and prolonged uses,
  • Industrial: great performance uses on prolonged terms.
Applications power generators

Source: AgriEuro

Portable power stations

PowerCase énergie embarquée
PowerBox embedded energy

Concerning the Moduloo Ex range, portable power stations fitted with lithium batteries bring a 2 to 11 kWh embedded energy according to the solution used: 2 kWh for the PowerCase and 5 to 11 kWh for the PowerBox. It represents a limited to professional level of use as compared to applications assigned to power generators.

Indeed, these solutions benefit from a high energy capacity in order to bring an important amount of continuous power. Thus, they can supply all types of applications such as:

Application cinéma station électrique portable
Application BTP station électrique portable
Offgrid application station électrique portable
Evenementiel application station électrique portable
  • Cinema: LED lighting, HMI spotlight, special effects machine,
  • Construction: wired electrical tool, nacelle recharge, building site base camp,
  • Offgrid: pairing with solar panels, foodtruck, isolated site,
  • Events: power generator substitute, sound installation, lighting effect.

Moreover, the Moduloo Ex range is modular since it allows batteries paralleling for a greater energy capacity. This is possible thanks to TYVA Energie’s Gateway CAN used to connect 2 to 10 portable power stations in parallel.

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