The rising cost of electricity has created new energy storage needs.






In residential buildings, photovoltaic solar panels are combined to a Li-ion battery storage system to achieve partial or complete self-sufficiency from the network (own use). Storage solutions come with a capacity ranging from 4 kW·h to 12 kW·h.



Several economic and political factors have created an opportunity for industrial storage solutions: 

  • Diminishing fossil fuels.
  • Reducing CO2 emissions.
    Nuclear power phasing-out and replacement with clean, renewable energy sources.
  • Increasing energy costs.
  • Electricity network stability: consumption peaks, frequency control.



TYVA ENERGIE batteries deliver the following benefits:


  • Modular construction ranging from a few kW·h to several MW·h.
  • Replaceable electro-chemical cells to reduce the operating cost of the storage system and make the most of technological developments in cells—increased capacity and life-span (number of cycles).
  • Response time: about 10 ms.