TYVA Energie joins the Mecateamcluster network dedicated to railway applications

We tell you more about our new membership in the Mecateamcluster French community gathering many dynamic companies of the railway industry.

Mecateamcluster réseau ferroviaire

Accession to Mecateamcluster

In 2023, TYVA Energie has joined the Mecateamcluster network dedicated to the railway industry. Indeed, its 150 members are committed players regarding missions of design, development and maintenance of railway works engines.

The entities network is organized around three commissions, each of them aiming to set up concrete actions in order to reach its objectives:

  • Business Development: professional fairs, events,
  • Collaborative Innovation: development of technical solutions,
  • Training and Employment: training of students, job seekers and member subscribers.

Mecateamcluster represents a national center created to bring an answer to economic issues resulting from the development of the railway industry in France and overseas. To this end, it gathers adherents with the capability to envision and develop beneficial tools for the sector. These members contribute to support the cluster’s initiative which also counts on the funding of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Regional Council, as well as the Creusot-Montceau Urban Community.

TYVA Energie is proud to belong with the members of this cluster as a French industrial company and a manufacturer of lithium batteries for the railway industry.

Railway solutions

As a French manufacturer of lithium batteries, TYVA Energie can provide energy systems with various sizes and powers to supply all types of applications: electric mobility, drones, portable tools, etc. Regarding the railway sector, we are currently collaborating with the company Gillet Tools which is also a member of Mecateamcluster. Indeed, they have embedded our A5 lithium battery from the Moduloo Ax range inside their Move-It™ portable tool. It is an electrical and convenient handling trolley with a foldable aspect in order to ease its transport. It is made to easily move rolling loads on railroads.

Move-It™ was designed by Gillet Tools to answer a genuine railway industry problematic: wagons maintenance. Indeed, moving wagons is difficult, exhausting and expensive with the current methods used on the sector. The trolley powered with TYVA Energie’s lithium batteries brings a satisfying solution at all levels while benefiting from constant power and great autonomy.

Move-it Gillet batteries lithium

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