Don’t neglect your lithium battery’s technical specifications!

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In this video, we are going to look after the battery’s technical specifications. Please remain until the end of the video, we have a surprise for you!

If you want your conception project of lithium battery to succeed, the technical specifications must be clear and well-defined for you and for the battery manufacturer you are going to work with.

I consider there are four essential points:

  • Planning,
  • Budget,
  • Electrical definition,
  • Mechanical definition.

Defining these four elements will help you establish your technical specifications.


Regarding the planning, it is very important: there is no project if the planning is missing. To precisely well-define you planning will allow you to deliver your products to your customers as soon as possible.


It is essential to have determined your battery’s unit cost. Moreover, you have to define a budget regarding your battery’s industrialization and tooling costs. Indeed, sometimes a casing must be developed which can add quite important expenses. Don’t forget also the approval and certification costs of your battery.

Electrical definition

There are a few essential elements concerning the electrical definition:

  • The battery’s energy in kilowatt-hour,
  • The operating voltage of your battery: minimum and maximum voltage, working span of your battery,
  • The discharge and charge power of your battery.

Mechanical definition

Another major point is the mechanical definition: the appropriate dimension for your battery, its X, Y and Z position… Don’t forget also about connections since they may go over the battery’s casing. Thus, it will require additional space. It is essential to think about all of these elements.

Another detail is the type of casing for the battery: heat-shrinkable tubing, metal case, plastic case, do I need a waterproof battery, etc. These questions are quite simple but they must be answered.

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