Ergonomics of external power sources

Ergonomie station électrique portable

Power generators

There are power generators characterized by all kinds of more or less important dimensions and weights according to the power available. Thus, there are energy systems of a few kilograms weight only while massive machines can weigh up to several tons.

The most common power generators are generally starting around 10 or 20 Kg heavy to 100 or 120 Kg. However, the weight added by the fuel used according to the necessary electrical power must also be considered. The power generator’s final weight will increase regarding the amount of gasoline or diesel inside the tank. Therefore, it will be more difficult to handle.

Besides energy systems don’t necessarily have a convenient interface to facilitate their carrying and transport. Regarding the largest power generators, transport sometimes cannot be envisaged at all because of their weight, ergonomics or stationary frame.

Groupe électrogène Hyundai

Hyundai HG800-B power generator (15 Kg)

Source: Manomano

Groupe électrogène Kiloutou

Kiloutou 6 kVA power generator (82 Kg)

Source: Kiloutou

Groupe électrogène MW Tools

MV TOOLS DG100E power generator (235 Kg)

Source: Torros

Portable power stations

PowerCase and PowerBox portable power stations weigh up to 18, 70 or 110 Kg according to the model. Indeed, they benefit from static weights since it embraces the whole energy system including lithium batteries. Their state of charge doesn’t have any impact on their final weight as opposed to the fuel required for power generators. Moreover, TYVA Energie’s Engineers have developed specific designs depending on each portable power stations’ dimension and weight. They benefit from great handling and operability.

Thus, PowerCase is the lightest solution with an 18 Kg weight and several carrying handles for an easier and effortless transport. Regarding PowerBox, it is fitted with 4 all-terrain wheels to ease its handling. It also features carrying handles as well as a telescopic one in order to transport it like a handling trolley. In this way it is easier to carry and to load or unload portable power stations inside a utility vehicle.

Zoom PowerCase

Carrying handles

Zoom PowerBox

Telescopic handle

Finally, since Moduloo Ex range is intended to be convenient and ergonomic, these solutions feature IP54 hermetic casings against dusts and water splashed from all directions. They can be used in any situation involving one of these two elements, whether it is outdoor or in a restricted environment.

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