TYVA Moduloo Ax lithium batteries' range has been certified UN 38.3

UN 38.3? What is it? As you surely know, lithium batteries are classed as dangerous goods and are to be shipped with a few rules of caution. For this purpose, the United Nations defined a number of security checks called Tests UN 38.3. As security is essential to us along with providing our customers a simplified, fast and cost-effective transport; we decided to have our full Moduloo Ax range certified. Read more below!

Certification UN 38.3

UN 38.3 certification

In order to be carried safely by road, sea or air, lithium batteries have to pass section 38.3 of the United Nations Manual of Tests and Criteria, which includes the following controls:

The full range of batteries Moduloo Ax, available in several sizes and density has successfully passed all the tests and has been certified in April 2021.

T1: Altitude simulation
T2: Thermal test
T3: Vibration
T4: Shock
T5: External short circuit
T6: Impact / crush test
T7: Overcharge
T8: Forced discharge

Safe, fast and cost-effective: choose the Moduloo Ax range

UN 38.3 certification is a prerequisite for the transportation of lithium batteries regardless of the mode of transport. But this certification can significantly delay a project because of its cost and time required to complete all tests.

This is the reason why, at TYVA Energie, we have decided to make our full Moduloo Ax range certified. Lithium batteries from this range are compact and modular, off-the-shelf products that can meet a good number of your criteria. Here is a quick overview of their benefits:

  • Compact and modular – available in following sizes A4+, A4, A5+ and A5 and also custom,
  • Rack-mountable option,
  • High battery life and power – 245 Wh/kg,
  • Lightest batteries on the market,
  • BMS designed and manufactured by TYVA Energie’s team in France,
  • Choice of the number of cells in series and/or parallel.

Packing instructions of TYVA Energie's lithium batteries

Issuing the UN 38.3 certificate is not the only thing to take into consideration while transporting lithium batteries. Depending on the quantity and power of the batteries, packing instructions may differ.

To this end, we have written a packing instruction guide for our different ranges of lithium batteries (Moduloo 3D, Moduloo Ax, Flat & Kube).

Moduloo Ax certification TYVA Energie

Need help with the transport of your lithium batteries?

In 2020, 2 members of TYVA Energie’s team were trained by the AFTRAL organization and became IATA experts in lithium battery’s air transport. Do not hesitate to contact us concerning your lithium batteries’ exportation shipping issues!

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