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Thierry Claudel, CEO and Sales Manager of TYVA Energie, was invited on the set of Focus Entreprises program hosted by the journalist Eléonore Boccara for BFM Business.

Made in France batteries, reconditioning, European regulations… Discover all information about the sector as well as our activity through this exclusive video interview also available on BFMTV’s website.

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« Hello everyone, welcome on Focus Entreprises. Today’s guest is Thierry Claudel, Director and Founder of TYVA Energie, a company which designs and manufactures sustainable and modular lithium batteries. Hello Thierry Claudel, thanks for being here with us on Focus Entreprises’ set.

Hello Eléonore.

We are going to talk about lithium batteries, you have been in this environment for more than 20 years now. Since we hear a lot of things about it, we will try to figure it out with a quick true or false game. Let’s start with rare-earth metals: there are rare-earth metals inside lithium, true or false?

That is false. There are no rare-earth metals inside batteries unlike what we could thought. They contain abundant material on Earth such as aluminium, copper or manganese. Rare-earth metals are usually used for smartphones and other electronic devices.

Second question: lithium batteries would be particularly flammable. True or false?

That is false as well. A flammable and dangerous battery is a poorly crafted one in my opinion. If it features the proper technology, there is no reason it is not safe. Lately we were able to observe cases of lithium batteries’ fire propagation but it is important to acknowledge that for the same energy density, they are less dangerous than a thermal vehicle.

Let’s talk about TYVA Energie now: in 2013 you have founded this company from your garage in Ardèche, a French company which designs and manufactures sustainable and modular lithium batteries. Who are they aimed to and what are their application fields?

There are several application fields. Among those TYVA Energie chose to concentrate into, there is electric mobility with special vehicles, autonomous robotics aimed for logistics in particular, military and marine applications as well as street furniture and energy storage.

Therefore, extremely varied fields with various batteries ranges for each of them.

TYVA Energie has several batteries ranges we can describe as technological bricks that are more or less powerful. They are modular such as LEGO® construction toys which allows us to address various markets and applications with small delivery times and gives us the possibility to build a custom battery within a few weeks.

You also have your own Research Unit which has developed additional technologies?

Absolutely, TYVA Energie has a Research Unit with Engineers who have notably developed a fire protection solution against risks of thermal runaway and fire propagation. We also have produced waterproof lithium batteries for specific application fields.

New goals on a European level were established for 2030 concerning lithium batteries, in particular their supplying, their manufacturing location but also their end-of-life. TYVA Energie is a committed company precisely regarding its local sourcing in the first place.

Indeed, from the beginning TYVA Energie is working with local subcontractors and suppliers mostly located less than 90 minutes away from our production site. It is a will allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint. With these new regulations, we will be able to maintain and strengthen this asset. From the European Union perspective, it will give us the possibility to develop new partnerships locally concentrated and to reduce imports and what they lead to.

Regarding energy transition and ecology, TYVA Energie reconditions its lithium batteries.

Indeed, we recondition our end-of-life batteries since our foundation in 2013. Our will is to propose more environmentally friendly and eco-responsible batteries. To this end, we are changing end-of-life cells: we recover our customers’ batteries after several years of use to replace and recondition cells only while conserving the rest of the battery: mechanics, electronics, etc. This solution allows to obtain sustainable batteries.

Does these local suppliers and this circular economy allow you to partially limit the impact of the electronic components’ shortage?

That is correct. By choosing to collaborate with local partners for our batteries’ conception, we were barely impacted by the latest crisis, it is an asset we wish to keep. We also stored our components before the crisis precisely to avoid long lead time and maintain our responsiveness to manufacture custom batteries within a few weeks.

Everything started in 2013 for TYVA Energie, today the start-up has expended a lot. What are your current growth objectives?

We have been experiencing a strong growth for 10 years now, switching between a start-up status to an established actor regarding lithium batteries with an important industrial capability. It allows us to produce more consequent series.

Through this growth our objectives are to maintain our development as well as our production force, but also to keep accompany our customers day after day. We are doing our best in terms of innovation to propose our clients the best batteries technologies possible.

Thierry Claudel
CEO & Sales Manager of TYVA Energie

This is what we wish you for the years to come, thanks for coming on Focus Entreprises’ set to talk about TYVA Energie with us.

Thank you Eléonore.”

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