The sustainability of various external power sources

Durabilité stations électriques portables groupes électrogènes

Power generators

The durability of power generators is based on various factors.

First of all, it won’t be the same according to the size and energy of the power generator. The lifetime for smaller ones can evolve between a hundred hours to a few years depending on their use. Bigger and more powerful generating sets benefit from a lifetime up to decades. Thus, is it essential to know the application’s energy requirements ahead in order to pick the most convenient power generator and make it last.

Whether it is a limited energy system or a high performance one, the sustainability is based on a core criterion: maintenance. Indeed, the power generator must be serviced in order to maintain a perfect operating state. Otherwise, it may progressively decline and reduce its lifetime. Power generators’ sustainability is also based on the quality of the fuel used. Besides representing significant and frequent additional costs, the fuel can alter the system’s situation if it is not adapted. A breakdown may occur and thus questions the reliability of the power generator.


Portable power stations

TYVA Energie’s portable power stations benefit from a several years long lifetime. This sustainability can evolve depending on the intensity and extended use of each solution. These are reliable energy systems that doesn’t require any maintenance.

Moreover, the Moduloo Ex range is also compatible with TYVA Refill battery reconditioning solution. This technology was established in 2013 since TYVA Energie was created to replace failing cells with brand new ones as part of the circular economy. Besides fulfilling a longevity purpose through a sustainable solution, this process is also eco-responsible since it allows to recycle cells.

In addition to cells reconditioning, the technology TYVA Refill also aims to replace old components and do a quick check-up of the system’s global status. It is a sustainable and economical solution ensuring an optimized TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Finally, regarding Moduloo Ex portable power stations’ mechanical specificities, they are fitted with a robust and resistant aluminium casing ensuring their reliability.

TYVA Refill infography

For the first time in European legislation, the Battery Regulation lays down a holistic set of rules to govern an entire product life cycle, from the design phase to end-of-life. This creates a new approach to boost the circularity of batteries and introduces new sustainability standards that should become a benchmark for the entire global battery market. Batteries are a key technology for fostering sustainable mobility and for storing renewable energy.

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