Greater safety for TYVA Energie's lithium batteries thanks to Pik0done new BMS firmware version

Nouveau firmware BMS

Pik0done is the French regional touch which captures several years of development by our Engineering Office to end up with a new BMS (Battery Management System) firmware version.

The firmware is the most important function of a lithium battery as it ensures its safety. Read more about the backstage and the new functionalities of this firmware version.

Pik0done in a few figures:

  • 3 years of development,
  • 7 C code Embedded Developers,
  • More than 50 000 lines of code,
  • About 430 croissants,
  • 5.23 kg chestnuts,
  • 125 litres of coffee and tea…

More seriously, here are the main features of TYVA Energie's new BMS firmware!


  • SOA (Safe Operating Area),
  • SOC (State Of Charge),
  • SOH (State of Health),
  • SOP (State of Power),
  • Management of IMD and IMR for charging and discharging battery phases,
  • ACBA (Advanced Cell Balancing Algorithm) that allows you to choose the balancing phase (charge, discharge or stand-by).


  • Integrated Bootloader,
  • CAN BUS 2.0 B J1939 compliant,
  • 2 CAN BUS (1 internal + 1 external),
  • BLE 4.2.


  • 17 errors detection,
  • Watchdog,
  • Recovery mode,
  • BMS status on control LED on GPIO,
  • GPIO interlock function,
  • Welded contactor checking (PDU lock).

Intelligence & smart functions

  • PNFA (Perturbation Numeric Filtering Algorithm) numeric filtering of cell voltage and battery temperature measurement disturbances,
  • 88 editable parameters for battery mapping,
  • Datalogger with SD card or internal memory recording the latest battery events,
  • Up to 8 batteries parallelization with external Gateway CAN,
  • Choice of single or double channel PDU,
  • Regeneration allowed,
  • Configurable smart pre-charge: length and power,
  • Choice of charging and discharging channels via CAN BUS,
  • Low voltage function to avoid battery deep discharge,
  • Battery tracking with serial number.

Software tools

  • TYVA Tool Flash: battery firmware update,
  • TYVA Support Tool,
  • TYVA Smart Dashboard: real-time battery monitoring app.

Compatibility with our BMS

  • Standalone,
  • Master and slave,
  • Several batteries parallelization,
  • Static PDU,
  • Dynamic PDU.

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