With more than 15 years experience in the development and production of customized cells and batteries, TYVA ENERGIE Group offers through its subsidiary TYVA LITHIUM customized rechargeable Li-ion batteries from 5 W to 500 W, as well as cells and assemblies made using Lithium Socl2 technology (3.6 V and 3.9 V versions). TYVA LITHIUM assembles its batteries in several UL and ISO 9001 certified factories located in European countries: Poland, Germany and France.

TYVA LITHIUM offers a broad selection of battery technologies thanks to its partnerships with the world's biggest battery manufacturers.

In order to assist you with your projects, we put at your service the following skills:


  • Assistance to draw up your specification.
  • Design to cost approach based on the market targeted by your products.
  • Selection of the best Li-ion chemistry (LiFePO4, NMC, LMO, NCO) depending on your technical specifications.
  • Design and selection of protection circuits: PCM (Protection Circuit Module) or BMS (Battery Management System).
  • Mechanical definition of a plastic or metallic housing.
  • Management of CE, UN38.3 and IEC 62133 tests carried out in our partner testing laboratories.


Our OEM and ODM customers are the reason for our existence: our mission is to deliver the highest level of quality and service that is desired by our customers.