Lithium battery reconditioning in the TYVA Refill solution core since 2013

Lithium batteries represent a sustainable solution in green energy exploitation which are meant to respect the environment. But what if the battery isn’t working anymore? Does it need to be thrown away as well as all its components? Is it truly ecological? No worries, we already have the answer!

TYVA Refill battery reconditioning
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What is TYVA Refill?

At TYVA Energie, all of our modular batteries, Moduloo 3D, Moduloo Ax, Flat & Kube incorporates the TYVA Refill patented technology. Lithium-ion cells are not welded to the module when they are produced, which means the battery can be opened even after its assembly and be changed as wanted as well. Therefore, it is possible to renew end-of-life cells without having to replace the whole battery. It is in this dynamic that TYVA Energie offers battery reconditioning for endless use among its services. This vision is consistent with the next European battery regulation that will be established in 2030. It aims to integrate lithium batteries in the circular economy, requires more eco-conception of the latter and also a deeper recycling management of its components.

A solution rooted within TYVA Energie's DNA

TYVA Refill technology was created by Thierry Claudel in his garage in 2013, at the same time as the TYVA Energie company. Battery reconditioning makes our products greener and more sustainable in accordance with our values. TYVA Refill doesn’t promise several life cycles and the reuse of batteries in other devices until their depletion unlike other systems available on the market. The battery repair implies there is no power loss and your products are always kept at a constant energy level. It is a freely recyclable battery solution involving a follow-up adapted to your needs.

From an idea to the reality

TYVA Refill keeps proving its efficiency since 2013. A battery reconditioning unit dedicated to this technology was even built in our new 1000 m² production site based in Annonay, in the Ardeche region, south of Lyon (France). To date, more than 12 000 end-of-life lithium batteries modules were already repaired. It represents a windfall considering it takes only 5 minutes for our technicians to replace the cells of a damaged battery!


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