Custom-made battery for Signature Logistic's picking trolleys

TYVA Energie Signature Logistic batterie

For more than 20 years, Signature Logistic has been developing a unique know-how in designing and producing “pick to light” and “put to light” solutions. These skills are used for an optimised management of orders, kits and part assembly preparation. The company is involved in many sectors, including logistics, e-commerce, the food industry, the automotive, retailing, pharmaceutical industries and cosmetics.

Tool designers for customised logistics

Customised logistics is individualized logistics which involves the delivery of many items in small quantities, to a large number of recipients. Hence, it imposes a complex flow process requiring maximum optimisation. Signature Logistic designs and produces custom-made tools, suited to the needs of their clients.

Beyond the “pick/put to light” technology which is the core-skill of the company, Signature Logistic has an audit capacity allowing them to guide businesses towards the best suited solutions for their trade, their environment, and the skills required for their design, their production and their follow-up.

The purpose of “pick/put to light” solutions and Signature is to reduce and even put an end to preparation errors, to make operator integration into the work station easier and to increase productivity.

Batterie chariot logistique

Signature Logistic & TYVA Energie

Amongst the overall solutions produced by Signature Logistic, certain are autonomous, such as picking trolleys or computer trolleys, and require an on-board power supply. Already provider of lead battery units, the company turned to TYVA Energie in order to extend its range with lithium-ion battery units which are lighter than lead. The innovative design of TYVA Moduloo 3D was retained by Signature because it perfectly corresponds to the custom-made positioning of the company. The modular design of each unit is used for designing a trolley without the volume of the power source being a constraint.

Batterie chariot logistique

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