French manufacturer of batteries TYVA Energie invests €2.4 millions in a new production site in Annonay

Facing an ever-increasing growth, French lithium battery maker is building a new production plant in Annonay, located an hour from Lyon. The latter will include a brand-new automated line, allowing TYVA Energie to assemble its modular and innovative batteries in record time starting June 2020.

"Made in France" in the heart of Ardèche

TYVA Energie manufactures and assembles lithium batteries in Annonay since 2013. The French battery supplier wishes to continue strengthening its commitment in the town and its wealthy industrial region by building a brand-new plant and an automated production line.

This choice reflects the battery maker’s involvement in the circular economy. Indeed, it’s suppliers and partners are located less than an hour from the headquarters. To sustain its ever-increasing growth, TYVA Energie plans to hire 10 new employees in 2020.

Ecology as highpoint

This new production site and brand-new automated line of 1600 m² are partly financed thanks to the European subsidy awarded in the framework of Horizon 2020’s project, the European programmes for research and technological development 2014-2020.

This positive-energy building’s project was designed by the architectural consultants EAD. The building will include a battery assembly unit of 1200 m² along with an automated line enabling the production and reconditioning of TYVA Moduloo battery core pack.

A test and qualification laboratory for lithium batteries will be integrated to the new building. Moreover, a workspace of 400 m² dedicated to R&D will be part of the project along with several coworking spaces.

This will allow the battery manufacturer to further develop its core business, innovation, to provide its customer premium high-technology products always more qualitative, efficient and resistant.

Thus, this new project builds on TYVA Energie’s history, aiming at ever more reducing its environmental impact. Indeed, the French manufacturer will use lithium ion battery for solar renewable energy storage thanks to photovoltaic panels set up on the roof of the building to ensure its energy self-sufficiency.

Ever more qualitative lithium batteries

TYVA Energie’s batteries’ strength lies in their modularity. Thanks to a high flexibility and adaptability, the French manufacturer offers its clients bespoke lithium batteries with fast delivery in several countries.

This new building paired with its automated line will enhance its strengths with a total annual production capacity of 160 MWh, enabling electrical vehicles to be fitted/equipped with TYVA Energie’s lithium batteries.

In addition to electrical mobility vehicles (batteries for electrical scooters, buses, cars, constructions vehicles, boats, etc.) this new tool fully operational end of June 2020, will enable TYVA Energie produce lithium batteries for a variety of applications such as robotics or energy storage.

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