Maintenance required by portable energy solutions

Maintenance groupes electrogenes stations electriques portables

Power generators

When talking about power generators, their maintenance is one recurring subject. Indeed, it is essential to ensure their performance, reliability and durability. This regular servicing can constitute a drawback since it requires more or less know-how, time and material for its user. Power generator maintenance represents an opportunity to realise a global check-up. In any case, it is indispensable to have more visibility concerning the system’s condition and available power.

Thus, a range of periodic procedures must be completed to ensure the energy system’s proper functioning and longevity. These steps aren’t systematic, some require to be done once a year while others are time-consuming involving a monthly or weekly maintenance.

Here are a few procedures to complete for the power generator proper functioning:

  • Regular functioning tests and general cleaning of the system,
  • Control of oil level and draining realization,
  • Servicing and replacing of air filter and plugs,
  • Valves adjustment and cleaning of the combustion chamber.
Maintenance power generators

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Portable power stations

Lithium batteries powering the Moduloo Ex range’s portable power stations don’t require any maintenance. Indeed, there is no necessary procedure to ensure the functioning and performance of the energy systems since they benefit from a constant power not based on an external servicing. They only could be subject to cells replacement as part of TYVA Refill reconditioning solution. It is the only step where maintenance of lithium batteries is involved since all the concerned components are replaced while doing a global check-up of the system. If it is requested, this operation is run by TYVA Energie’s Engineers at our dedicated production workshop.

Regarding the systems’ follow-up, an external LED display gives a first quick read of information related to the batteries’ voltage and autonomy.

Moreover, the Moduloo Ex range can be connected in Bluetooth through TYVA Smart Dashboard app available for Android and iOS devices.

This app provides batteries’ digital monitoring as a real time dashboard of information related to lithium batteries. We gain visibility regarding channels’ status, SOH, SOP, charge and temperature for example.

Thus, the implementation of this technology provides an on-hand total transparency regarding the portable power station.

Application digitale bluetooth station electrique portable

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